• 5th Annual Great Lakes Foragers Gathering

    Farmlane Campground

    • What we'll do The Great Lakes Foragers Gathering, (formerly the Forage and Farm Potluck and Skillshare) has quickly become the largest annual gathering of wild food enthusiasts in the Great Lakes region. To celebrate, we are expanding the event to a full weekend. You can look forward to a variety of classes covering foraging and other off-grid skills, along with some amazing wild foods to sample. Agenda: We will continue our annual traditions, the Forage and Farm Barter and the Wild Foods Cooking Contest. Plus, there will be group foraging and fishing trips, cooking demonstrations, edible and medicinal plant walks, classes on topics like mushrooms and trapping, weekend projects to work on, evening campfire entertainment, and more. We are still working on setting up the details of schedule, but here is the basic outline we will be following. More info as we get closer to the event. Friday: Afternoon classes, including a group forage, and evening entertainment. Saturday: Classes all day, including "early bird" and "night owl" sessions. Wild Foods Cooking Contest, Forage and Farm Barter, vendors. Evening entertainment. Sunday: Classes until mid-day Instructors: We have booked several top notch teachers this year. Sam Thayer, Forager's Harvest Adam Haritan, Learn Your Land Jim McDonald, Herbcraft Rachel Mifsud and Minjung Godfrey, Will Forage for Food George Hedgepeth, Hungry for Adventure Clay Bowers, NoMI Forager Mike and Lewis Miller, so good at living off-grid they don't have a website Food: To keep costs low, we will not be hiring anyone to cook for us. Instead, we will provide the staple ingredients for breakfasts and dinners, and meals will be a combination of group cooking and eating on your own. If you are on a limited diet or are a picky eater, you should probably plan to supply most of your own food. Just in case. Friday: Dinner- Forager's Stone Soup Saturday: Breakfast- DIY fire roasted eggs and bannock, Lunch- On your own/Wild Foods Cooking Contest, Dinner- Group effort Sunday: Breakfast- DIY fire roasted eggs and bannock, Lunch- On your own/Leftovers Camping: The campground can accomodate just about anything, even the biggest, fanciest glampers. Or, if you prefer, you can sleep on the grass by a campfire. • What to bring Complete information can be found on the Upcoming Classes and Events page of the website. www.willforageforfood.com • Important to know Space is limited. Registration is required at www.squareup.com/store/willforageforfood Cost: These are early bird prices. On 5/1, prices will increase by 10%. Weekend Pass: Campsite with electricity: $150 individual, $275 family "Bare Bones" Weekend Pass: Rustic campsite or staying off-site: $125 individual, $225 couple Day pass- Saturday 8:00am-10:00pm, includes group meals: $50 Children 12 and under: free

  • Mushroom Camp

    Needs a location

    • What we'll do Spend the weekend on Michigan’s beautiful Drummond Island, immersing yourself in mushroom knowledge. This camp is designed to be a “mushroom intensive” experience. We will start with an introduction to the basic anatomy, physiology, and ecology of mushrooms. Then we will discuss the major groups of fungi and show you the characteristics used to classify and identify some of the more common groups of mushrooms in our area, with a focus on those that are edible. You will learn about growing mushrooms, and start your own mushroom garden box to take home. You will also get to sample wild mushroom dishes, and see how they are prepared, for lunch and dinner on Saturday. And, of course, we will spend plenty of time searching for and studying mushrooms in the woods. • What to bring We will meet on Friday evening (6-9pm), all day Saturday (9am-9pm), and Sunday morning (9am-noon) Participants will be emailed a list of recommended items to bring. • Important to know $150 individual, $250 couple Includes all books, materials, rustic tent/hammock camping, and lunch and dinner on Saturday. This class is limited to 8 participants and is being posted in several places. You must register at https://squareup.com/store/willforageforfood to reserve your spot. Smaller campers/RVs can be accomodated with additional site costs. Students who prefer modern amenities should book accomodations on the island. Note: This camp is full. Please check out our other upcoming events.

  • Earth Day Plant Walk

    Gerald E Eddy Discovery Center

    This will be a leisurely walks to look for edible, medicinal, and otherwise useful plants and mushrooms that are ready for harvest. It's a pretty slow pace, we typically don't travel more than about half a mile. But we rarely stick directly to the trails. So dress to be on uneven ground, dirt, grass, and maybe even get into the weeds and mud a bit. The walks can accommodate slower moving individuals, as long as you can handle the terrain. We typically discuss around 12-15 plants. The primary focus will be foraging for food items; however, other wild goods such as medicines and hygiene products will also be discussed. This Plant Walk is being sponsored by Friends of Eddy Discover Center. They are requesting a $3 donation per person.

  • Eco-Challenge Potluck & Sculpt with Cob plus In Transition 2.0 Movie

    Arrive at 5:30-5:45pm for the potluck. Bring your own dish to pass and the recipe for our community recipe book. We will invite you to get food at 5:45pm and will introduce the eco-challenge topic before we transition to the skillshare and movie. **This is a family-friendly event - kid’s activity available during workshop.** Practice Sculpting with Cob - Curious about cob but haven't gotten to a full natural building class? Build a model house, or animal, or anything. Mostly self-guided with some basic instruction. Materials provided. In Transition 2.0 - A 1-hour film about the Transition Movement. A story of resilience and hope in turbulent times. This film looks at the ways communities across the world are coming together and becoming more sustainable in the face of an uncertain future. [There will be time to discuss our thoughts and feelings about the movie after the viewing.] -- What is the Eco-Challenge? The Eco-Challenge, created by the Northwest Earth Institute, is a two-week challenge that encourages individuals to make sustainable lifestyle choices across nine different areas of their life (see categories above). You pick your Challenge(s) and set a goal that stretches your comfort zone and makes a difference for you, your community, and the planet. You can also “Create Your Own” challenge if you have a specific action in mind you’d like to work on!

  • Eco-Challenge Potluck & How to Make Yogurt & Kombucha

    Arrive at 5:30-6pm for the potluck. Bring your own dish to pass and the recipe for our community recipe book. We will invite you to get food at 6pm. Until then, we’ll talk amongst ourselves about the Community Eco-Challenge. What conscious decisions do you make in your life to contribute to building community? Did you try anything new since the last potluck? We will introduce the next Eco-challenge topic before we transition to the workshop at 6:30pm. **This is a family-friendly event - kid’s activity available during workshop.** ~~~Workshop Descriptions~~~ ~~Yogurt-Making~~ Learn how to make homemade yogurt in 5 simple steps. You will also learn how to make thick, Greek-style yogurt. Participants will get starter yogurt to take home. Presenter: Laura Pasek is the daughter of a Wisconsin cheesemaker and grew up making cheese and yogurt. She currently teaches elementary school in Ann Arbor. ~~Kombucha-Making~~ Kombucha is a fermented beverage that you can brew at home using tea, sugar, and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). At this session, we will go over what is kombucha and the SCOBY, how to brew and ferment it, and show some variations on the method to achieve the perfect kombucha for you. If you want to start your kombucha at the session, bring: 1 half-gallon, wide-mouth sealable container (glass), 1 breathable cloth square (about 8” x 8”), and 2 rubberbands. All those who bring a wide-mouth glass jar (at least 16 oz), can bring home a SCOBY. Presenter: Andrew Sereno has been brewing kombucha for 6 years since he got a SCOBY at a reskilling festival. When he's not at GoWork, he loves spending time with his family and gardening. (Thanks to Mary Goode for the supply of SCOBYs!) ~~~~~~ See our full December 2017 Newsletter at: https://create.piktochart.com/output/26928927-a2y-reskilling-december-newsletter

  • Foraging Beyond the Basics

    Tantre Farm

    Will Forage for Food is hosting long time wilderness skills and foraging instructor George Hedgepeth for a day of foraging skills. This is a bit of an advanced set of classes, designed to focus on calorie production during the leanest time of year. Winter Foraging: 10:00am-12:30pm Even under the snow, a clever forager can find food. In fact, several items are at their culinary peak at this time. Learn how to find and use roots, bark, fruit, nuts and seeds- and even fresh greens- during the coldest times. Both available resources and optimizing strategies will be covered. There will be a short inside portion of the class, the rest will be spent outside discovering what is in the area. Dress appropriately, and be sure to bring a notebook! Making Meat: 1:30-4:00pm This covers taking protein in the wild, everything from bugs to bears, mice to moose. It is not a hunting class per se', but an examination of strategies and specific techniques that will allow an intrepid omnivore to harvest rich sources of meat and fat in all circumstances. Please bring your questions! A vast number of animals will be discussed, including invertebrates, reptiles, birds, rodents, fish, and large mammals. Where, how, and when to best take advantage of these varieties of food sources will be covered, as well as preparation and preservation. Bring an open mind and a notebook. Single Session: $30 Day pass: $50 (includes a seasonal lunch of foraged and farmed goodies) Space is limited and the event has been posted to the Will Forage for Food Meetup and Facebook group. To guarantee your spot, pre-register here (https://squareup.com/store/willforageforfood/item/foraging-beyond-the-basics-1).

  • Eco-Challenge Potluck & The Work That Reconnects/Co-Counseling Workshop

    Potluck Arrive at 5:30-6pm for the potluck. Bring your own dish to pass and the recipe for our community recipe book. We will invite you to get food at 6pm. Until then, we’ll talk amongst ourselves about the Food Eco-Challenge. What conscious decisions do you make in your life to make low-impact, sustainable food choices? Did you try anything new since the last potluck? We will reveal the next Eco-challenge topic before we transition to the workshop at 6:30pm. **This is a family-friendly event - kid’s activity available during workshop.** Workshop Description: The Work That Reconnects - An intro to co-counseling and the practices of Joanna Macy. How can we find the resilience and courage to face the challenges of these times? In this session, we will practice ways of releasing fear and anger and reconnecting to what sustains us. The first hour will be an introduction to co-counseling--a peer process for two or more people to heal past and present hurts, celebrate growth, and make intentional change. The second hour starts with a brief introduction to eco-philosopher Joanna Macy and her “work that reconnects.” In simple paired conversations, we will share what is in our hearts about the state of our world. Facilitator Bios: • Jeanne Mackey, MSW, is a lifelong musician, community-builder, and change-maker. She was on the organizing team of the first ReSkilling Festival in 2009. • Edi Estey is an Herbalist, educator, avid Co-counselor, nature enthusiast, and on the Ann Arbor Reskilling organizing team.

  • Eco-Challenge Potluck & Earth Plastering Basics

    That's right, we changed our name! We feel this new name reflects our view that community knows no borders. Come learn more about how we plan to move forward in our community, enjoy good food and company, and participate in a natural building skill share workshop! Families welcome! * Please bring a dish to pass (don't forget your serving spoon) and your own plate, eating utensils, and napkin. ** If you can, bring: Your dish's recipe (we plan to compile a communal recipe book) & a musical instrument for a bonfire after the event. Earth Plastering and Cob Basics Get your hands dirty and help transform a community space by learning basic earth plastering using clay and straw. This two-hour workshop will be the start to transforming a garage into an eco-friendly community work and play space. Learn correct ratios of sand-clay for plastering, how to sift clay, and how to apply over an existing structure. About the teacher: Jacob Gnath was an intern of Deanne Bednar at the Stawbale Studio in Oxford, MI. He has 3 months of hands on experience working with natural building. He also loves to play music and wants to teach guitar. (The event is being put on in cooperation with and featuring Ypsilanti Everything is Free Faire (http://ypsilantifreefaire.wordpress.com/).)

  • Forage and Feast Camp

    Needs a location

  • Nature and Nurture Farm Harvest Festival

    Nature and Nurture Farm

    Join friends of Reskilling at the Nature and Nurture Farm Harvest Festival! Mike Levine and Erica Kempter are past presenters for Reskilling and, now, are eager to share their farm with you! Their personal invitation follows: You are cordially invited to our beautiful certified organic heirloom seed farm for an evening full of tasty fun with heirloom food tastings, farm tours, potluck, live music, and community! 2017 Nature and Nurture Farm Harvest Festival When: Sat, Aug 19th, 4:00pm-12am and beyond Where: 7100 Marshall Rd, Dexter, MI 48130 Schedule 4:30-6:00 Kids Activities: Face painting, frisbee, cornhole, croquet, and other outdoor fun! 4:30, 5:30, & 6:30 Guided farm tours 5:00 Tasting of heirloom tomatoes and other yummy stuff 6:00 Potluck dinner 7:00 Live Music - Seth Torkelson-Regan 9:00 Live Music - Dave Levy (of Dead Again, the People Movers, Deep Space Six, and Covert) and Friends 10:30 More Live Music TBA 10:00 Bonfire Suggested Donation of $10 is appreciated and will go to supporting the cool things we are doing here at Nature and Nurture Farm. Children, Students, Seniors, Farmers and other financially challenged get in free, but donations are always welcome. Volunteering in lieu of donation is also an option, there will be sign up sheets at the event! Like and Share our Facebook Event page Nature & Nurture Farm Harvest Festival (https://www.facebook.com/events/155968864966068/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%223%22%2C%22ref_newsfeed_story_type%22%3A%22regular%22%2C%22feed_story_type%22%3A%2217%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D) We hope you can join us! Erica, Mike, and the team at Nature and Nurture Farm Mike Levine and Erica Kempter Nature and Nurture, LLC www.natureandnurture.org (http://www.natureandnurture.org/) - our gardening service www.natureandnurtureseeds.com (http://www.natureandnurtureseeds.com/) - our seed catalog [masked] office [masked] Mike's cell [masked] Erica's cell