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Of all the groups on MeetUp, this is the one which looks the most fun. Except for no meet ups in over a year! How about we use this thread to throw suggestions out and see what sticks. Anti-social types don't NEED to stick together but let's do something fun anyway! What are your ideas?

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    In the words of Jack Nicholson, are you 'Suckered in, set up, pushed around?' Don't worry, whatever you've been doing thus far is not As Good as It Gets. Are you saddled with an active brain, a healthy dose of cynicism, a great sense of humor with a sharp wit (maybe even some acerbic sarcasm), bit of shyness, possibly a latent mental disorder or two, some good old fashioned baggage, and perchance stuck between arrogance and lacking self-confidence? Do others see you as aloof but in reality, you know deep down you're awesome but you just can't bear the thought of trying to convince others when they should really just 'get' you? Are you into music, wine, beer, great food, and conversation (when it's needed - otherwise silent pauses are allowed), but tired of doing it all alone or being let down by others (in a myriad of ways)? Shall we rant and rave? Eat and drink till dawn? Let's rock.

    Addendum: When I set this group up, I thought I would have more time to run it but that didn't pan out. My apologies. I have kept the group running because there was interest from some in being organizers. I am happy to designate anyone with the ability to arrange events on behalf of the group.

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