Canceled Meetup

Asian Americans and Anti-Racist Organizing - Continuing the Conversation

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At this meetup we'll be continuing the conversation started at the first event about Asian Americans and anti-racism. We'll be dealing with the second half of the agenda posted below. Those who were unable to attend the first part of the workshop should feel free to attend this event.

Part I

- Who ARE we? What does our Asian American experience look like as monoracial, multiracial, queer, trans*, straight, working class, accented, adopted, men, women, of East Asian vs. South Asian vs. Southeast Asian descent, light vs. dark-skinned, 1st gen/1.5 gen/2nd gen/more, etc.? What are our experiences, our various oppressions?

Part II

- What's been our experience in relation to other people of color? What are the historical tensions and schisms we see playing out in our lives and in the world?

- How do we speak out against racism directed towards ourselves, vs. towards other people of color? How do we talk about racism against Asian Americans in a white supremacist system where, depending on our identities, we may be privileged relative to other people of color?

- How can we support each other in doing this work? What do we need to thrive?