Cambridge, MA

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Jan 6, 2016


I'm a white cishet woman who would like to learn from and connect with others inclined toward social justice efforts and intersectional approaches.

Do you believe racism has been eradicated?

No. We have made progress, but I believe that there is far more to accomplish than many of us realize.

Do you believe that whiteness plays a role in racism?

Yes, in lots of ways. For example, I've become aware that my whiteness is taken as default, as unmarked, requiring no definition. But that means its implied definition is "not marked by race"-- that is, not Black, or Hispanic, or Asian, etc. And racism involves an awful lot of defining what those marked categories mean, as a way of defending whiteness.

Do you have a favorite author/blogger/musician/artist/ film/etc. focusing on racism? Why?

Not just one, no. One that's on my mind right now is Mariame Kaba. Her writing has helped me better understand some of the ways that racism underlies the entire prison system. I have followed her coverage of several actions in Chicago, and it's particularly moving to read her accounts of the youth who are getting behind-- and in front of-- racial justice work. Kaba reminds me not to discount the young generation.