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Helloha there! Welcome to The Sensitive Introvert group. The goal is to bring conscious, sensitive &/or introverted people together in a quiet, public space. The venue is mostly at a cozy, coffee bar. And this all over the major cities across Flanders. We are social but a bit differently. We like to meet new people, however we dislike small-talk. We thrive on having deep & meaningful conversations with like-minded people.

Everyone is welcome at the meetup, whether you're an introvert or extrovert. You're not obligated to talk, If you just want to listen to the others, that's just fine. A network event where you can just be yourself, without peer pressure. Let's get to know new people (quietly).

There are different table topics and activities. Table topics (work, entrepreneurship, love, self-development, spirituality, relationships, food, the environment, friendship, socializing and so on). Activities (Quiet hiking, poetry nights, art workshops, self-development workshops and so on). Feel free to join us. More info on my website: www.thesensitiveintrovert.com

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