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This is a group for anyone interested in self improvement, empowerment and becoming the very best version of themselves whether personally or professionally. All entrepreneurs, senior leaders and professionals are welcome. I started this group to network with individuals interested in improving all aspects of their life or business.
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Reduce stress, anxiety and burnout: How to really thrive in 2020!

More and more organisations are losing their best performers due to chronic stress, burnout, depression and anxiety. In a recent Gallup survey, these ‘exhaustion costs’ vary between $125 to $190 billion in health care spending per year. Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘There is more to life than increasing its speed’. The exhaustion of constant busyness is real, and the pressure to pack our lives and business’s full of activity and maximise every waking time can be stressful. Busy has now become the new default, leading to increased stress, anxiety and burnout. But is this constant busyness really necessary? Many people in our society are stressed, anxious and depressed. The same applies in our institutions. Burnout and fatigue in executives and professionals continue to rise all the time. As a professional, entrepreneur, CEO or a senior level manager, are these challenges affecting you?  Is your sales team stressing each month trying to reach their budgets?  Are your teams working in constant high-pressure environments?  Are they suffering from lack of trust, disharmony and frustration, thereby compromising revenue generation for the business?  Is there a toxic work culture and incessant politics, inhibiting real progress?  Are top performers leaving the company due to burnout and stress?  And what is the real cost of replacing your best people? There is only one outcome to all the busyness – an overloaded mind and frustrated employees, leading to the problems outlined above. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry worldwide is worth $1.3 trillion and growing. They are medicating the effect of these conditions and not treating the cause. Having worked in international organisations myself for 20 years, I have first-hand experience of the chaos, frustration and dysfunctionality that happens within and between teams, departments and business units. The inefficiencies, the waste of talent and potential that happens every day is costing millions in lost productivity. On the other side I have also seen the results of phenomenal teams working together in harmony to produce outstanding results over sustained periods of time. Teams and individuals that: are creating their desired results in absolute harmony have a clear vision of where they want to go are doing something radically different than everything else are empowering their people to lead others to double sales are calm, confident and intentional every day, regardless of the external stresses There is a blueprint to alleviate stress, anxiety and burnout. Few individuals and companies use this blueprint apply every day to empower their talent, multiply their revenues and continually grow year after year. As a senior executive working in international business for 20 years, I was extremely lucky to learn about this information that I now know, practice and teach. Imagine achieving an explosive jump in your results for the next 6 months without working harder... Imagine being calm, confident of your creative abilities, and multiplying your business and effectiveness during 2020 In this seminar I will explain exactly how it’s done. Imagine unleashing the real potential of your talent and business and finally enjoy the huge success in your organisation that you deserve If this is a vision that you can relate to, then register for this seminar NOW. See you at the event. Michael

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