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The purpose of this MeetUp group is to promote the practice of, and interest in the 'Recovery' method of self help and to encourage new members to attend group meetings. This page is not a support group medium.

The Recovery Method is a form of cognitive training to help people cope with and recover from, common emotional or mental health problems, like anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, panic, schizophrenia and nervous disorders.

There are 22 'Recovery' groups that meet each week across Ireland. Its methods are based on the works of Dr Abraham Low, a former associate professor of psychiatry. There is no charge to attend meetings. Meeting have been run in Ireland for the last 48 years.

'Recovery' is not a religious or commercial organisation. Recovery Self Help Method Ireland is a charity and is an affiliate of nonprofit Recovery International, which is headquartered in the US.

Recovery Self Help meetings are where you can learn simple, yet extremely powerful skills to improve your mental health.

No matter how much you have suffered, or how bleak your future seems, using this method you can turn your life around.

Meetings are essentially a training forum for learning and practicing the skills. Each meeting is held in a group format, and hosted by an experienced leader.

Please do not be put off if you see only a few (or even none) members listed as going to a meeting on MeetUp. All meetings are well attended. However, some people may have registered for the meeting on other platforms (like Eventbrite,) or they may be longstanding members just turn up every week without booking.

To find a meeting near you in Ireland please telephone 01 6260775 or else follow the link

To find out more about the Recovery Method visit http://www.recoveryireland.ie

For a full description of the parent organisation in the US visit Wikipedia


Please note that this is an unofficial MeetUp group operating as a means of promoting interest in the Recovery Method. Content and or views expressed are not attributable to, or property of the organisation Recovery International or Recovery Self Help Method Ireland. Content on this page and / or posts are not exclusively Recovery, not Dr Low.

A word about the word 'Recovery' as it pertains to our organisation. Over the past few decades, the word 'Recovery' has come to mean a lot of specific things, most recently with recovering from addictions, and other programmes, and well defined concepts 'Recovery Colleges' etc etc. Please note that none of these uses of the word apply to our organisation. The name Recovery, in our context simply means recovering from mental health problems, much like you would 'recover' from the flu etc. Its just a name, not a concept.

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