What we're about

What they are: meetings that usually consist of the first contact between the Spiritist Center and those who seek Spiritism.

Objectives of the task:

to console and clarify by means of lectures based on the Codification Kardequiana, with programming previously elaborated;
to apply spiritual therapy through the human-spiritual pass and the fluidized water.
At these meetings, we wish to emphasize:

the works of Allan Kardec with emphasis on the study of the Book of Spirits;
the Gospel in the light of Spiritist doctrine;
the subsidiary works that attend to the progressive rhythm of the Spiritist Doctrine and that are in agreement with the work of Allan Kardec;
the works that attest to the previousness of the fundamental teachings of the Spiritist Doctrine;
new information of a scientific-philosophical nature, consistent with the teachings of the Spiritist Doctrine;
the Spiritist Movement in Brazil and in the World.
Day and Time: Public Meetings
Tuesday - 7:15 pm

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When Faced with Death

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