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Gymnastics Open Adult Gym
Hey everyone, This is the gymnastics meetup that I mentioned in the description of this meetup group. The primary purpose of this event and gym is the train and learn from our peers. There's many friendly regulars that attend the event and they are very talented and friendly at instructing you and even just hanging and out and chatting a bit. It's certainly a new experience and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can pick up some basics and do unexpected feats. About the gym: It's a fairly large place with a couple very bouncy trampolines and a trampoline track for dashing and jumping. There's two large areas that are matted, one with extra spring and one that's extra soft but less springy. There's a lot of pads and mats for safety while learning and training new things. They have Olympic bars and Olympic rings if you're interested in that. Most importantly, they have a wonderful volunteer couch that will be there at each event and he graciously teaches and couches and pushes us in conditioning, training and making gymnastics really fun. He will be officially hosting these events, but I will attend most of the time. Costs: This gym isn't free unfortunately. Fair warning, they only take '''cash''' or cheques, be prepared when you come! Insurance: Insurance is not optional. $45 for one year. $15 for one day. Obviously 1 years is much better, but if you really only want to try once, one day will be cheaper! Sessions: They have three different costs models for each session. $15 - One session. $60 - 5 sessions. ($12 per session) $115 - 10 sessions. ($11.50 per session) Frequency: The open gym happens every Monday and Wednesday, however they are closed on holidays. These are the main points. I will update this description in the future if there are any new developments. I hope to see some new faces come out and try it. It's a lot of fun, you feel like you've gotten a workout and always brightens my day. If you have any questions post them here, you can message me directly through meetup or you can ask me in person there, of course.

Club De Gymnastique Artisique

155 Avenue Greene, Montréal · QC H4C 2H6, QC

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I'm creating this group to utilize meetup for any kind of event or activity that I want to do, but need more people to go do them. It's not a group that only goes to pubs or only goes dancing or is focuses on some small niche like a lot of groups on Meetup. The goal of this group is to do a variety of different things.

I was part of a Meetup like this in Toronto called the Random Activity Group and we did a lot of different events. The group grew larger and larger and I had some great experience there meeting many extraordinary people along the way.

Now I'm new to Montreal and hoping to get something similar going here. I've included some things that I did while I was in that group and some things I would like to do myself Montreal in what this Meetup is about, but I'm completely open to setting up almost any kind of event if people are interested in doing it.

Things I did mostly in Toronto
- Hosting Board Game nights every week at a cafe.
- Hosting a pool league at a pool hall every Monday.
- Learnt how to and began regularly Rock Climbing.

Cool things I did there less often.
- Learnt how to skate
- Went to movies with people
- Ate meals at interesting restaurants
- Meet for drinks and conversation
- Snowboarding/Skiing trips
- Camping trips
- Gathered to experience local events and festivals

Some people even got together to discuss current events and politics.

A few things to note about the group.
1. ) I don't really care to make this a money making venture. I would like to do either free events or events where everyone only pays for their tickets or fares at the venue. I won't make events that earn me money.
2.) I would like to do stuff with people that are relatable, hopefully having similar interests in events is sufficient to help, but for the sake of comfort I'd like the group to be mostly reasonably mature people. Probably between early or mid 20's to mid to late 30's. I certainly don't want to have events with people under the drinking age because I don't want to be indirectly responsible for underaged drinking.
3.) I want the group to be fun! I'd like to organize and host events that people really want to try or they are passionate about doing. No idea is a bad idea as long as you're interested and want to help make it happen, I'd be glad to create the event. That's about it, I'm open to questions, comments and suggestions from anyone that joins or attends any events. Let's have some great experiences together!

Lastly, I will mention that since I got to Montreal I have bene going to a Gymnastics place near Atwater market to learn some things, I may host some events there in the future to get more people involved.

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