Introduction to Apache Flink

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Join the first Apache Flink ( Meetup in Berlin to get to know the project and some of the core committers.

We will give a short introduction into the project and what the community is currently working on followed by networking time. Drinks are sponsored by Data Artisans ( ).

What is Apache Flink:

Apache Flink (incubating) is a new project at the Apache Software Foundation that is compatible with the Hadoop ecosystem and runs on top of HDFS and YARN. Flink pushes the technology forward in many ways: The system is built on the principle "write like a programming language, execute like a database", using a unique style of execution engine that aggressively uses in-memory execution, but very gracefully degrades to disk-based execution when memory is not enough, allowing very robust execution behavior. Flink introduces native closed-loop iteration operators, making graph analysis and machine learning application very fast on the platform.Flink programs are not executed directly but are optimized by Flink's cost-based optimizer This means that Flink applications require little (re-)configuration and little maintenance when the cluster characteristics change and the data evolves over time. Finally, Flink's runtime is a true data streaming engine, and ongoing work in the community is unifying batch and true stream processing (rather than mini batches) in a single system. Flink is an active open source project with more than 50 contributors from industry and academia.

About the speaker:

Till Rohrmann is a committer of the Apache Flink project. He joined the project as a student research assistant after studying at TU Munich, National University of Singapore, École Polytechnique and TU Berlin. With his experience in distributed systems, Till helps to make the runtime system more scalable and reliable. Furthermore, he is in charge of Flink’s upcoming support for the newly created Mahout DSL.