Apache Flink Hands-On

This is a past event

35 people went


Join our second meetup for a hands-on seminar on Apache Flink!

In this meetup, you will learn how to quickly get Flink up and running and how to use its high-level APIs to build big data analytics applications.

We will use the training material provided by data Artisans (http://data-artisans.com/index.html), big thank you to them!

Apache Flink Training (http://dataartisans.github.io/flink-training/index.html) (feel free to check out the material!)

We will cover the following topics:

• Setup of Flink on the participants’ laptops

• Flink’s APIs in Java and Scala

• Building a simple application using Flink’s APIs

Set-up requirements:

• Bring your own machine!

• Have the following things set up:
- Java 7 (or 8) or Scala 2.10
- Maven 3.x
- Git
- IntelliJ or Eclipse ( http://ci.apache.org/projects/flink/flink-docs-master/internals/ide_setup.html )

Participants are expected to be familiar with:

• Either the Java or Scala programming language

• Using a Unix shell

• Using an IDE (either Eclipse or IntelliJ)