What we're about

Building a strong community of Hadoop Enthusiasts, where group members can expect challenging problems to enhance their skills and also fun at the end of the event.

How Often the Meetup: Meetup every 3rd Saturday of alternate Month.

Who should join: All those who want to talk/listen about Hadoop ecosystem and the cool stuff they are doing with it.

Why should members join: It is fun way of learning by interacting on the lighter note by sharing production stories.

What can members expect out of the group: Cool and different ways of doing things in Infrastructure, problems faced or any challenges in day-to-day activities. Talks can be about hadoop, BigData, DevOps, Scalability and tuning distributed Platforms.

Requirement: No typical requirement, just an urge to learn and share ideas. Do not worry, just come and talk, be part of the Community.

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Hadoop Administration and Optimization


Hadoop Administration and Optimization


Big Data in Cyber Security


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