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Mullica River Canoe Camping, Class 1, Wharton State Forest

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Once again, it's time for our annual Mullica River Canoe Camping trip. Please read this entire trip description before registering.

NOTE: This Meetup page is for registering canoes only! Please go to the kayak sign up page ( to register a personal kayak.

NOTE: There have more changes at the Mullica River Camp this year. We have reserved five campsites that have tent and person limits. I will need to know your tenting plans. So be sure to answer the questions when you RSVP.

Between Atsion and Pleasant Mills, the Mullica River winds its way through the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens in Wharton State Forest . Along the way, the river passes through many environments including cedar swamps, savanna marshes, bogs and forest.
On this is a 2 day canoe trip, the river will start out narrow, but will eventually widen out to about two canoe lengths wide. There will be many sharp turns as the river continually twists its way through the forest. We will pass some sandy beaches where we will stop for breaks. On Saturday night we will camp at the Mullica River Wilderness Campground. At the campground there are pit toilets and there is water available. The campground is not accessible by motor vehicles.


You should have some prior experience handling a canoe before coming on this trip. Canoe training is offered at Beginner Tandem Canoe Training ( on Saturday, May 17th. If you lack experience, we can also pair you up with an experienced stern paddler. Please state your experience level when you answer the questions.


This trip includes dinner and breakfast at the campsite. This makes the trip easier for everybody and you don't need to be concerned about a stove and food. Here is the menu as I see it. Participants are requested to send suggestions.

DINNER: Charcoal cooked hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers.
Spaghetti and tomato sauce. Salad. Coffee and Tea (ketchup, mustard, salad dressings grated cheese, etc.)
EVENING: Snacks and marshmallows.
BREAKFAST: French toast, Bagels, Bacon, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Tea and OJ. (Butter, cream cheese, maple syrup, etc.)

You need to provide your own lunch for Saturday and Sunday along with any other beverages. (IE: soda and juice)

NOTE: Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in NJ state parks and forest!


The cost for this trip is $55 per person ($110 per tandem canoe) and includes the canoe rental. If you are using your own boat, the cost is $25 per person.
If you are coming alone, we will match you up with a paddling partner.
All participants will need to sign a liability release form for the DVAMC and Adams Canoe Rental if you are renting a canoe. Money will be collected the morning of the trip. Please bring cash. Adam's does not take credit cards. Deposits are not required or accepted.

The trip cost includes dinner, breakfast and camping.

The rental kayaks are not suitable for an overnight trip. There is no space for your gear and it would be extremely difficult to keep what you could carry dry. If you want to use your own kayak, you must be able to carry ALL your own gear. Touring kayaks with watertight compartments are usually the best for this. I will need to approve the use of your kayak. Please register using the kayak Meetup page.


Yes, there are deer ticks in the Pine Barrens. Please take all recommended precautions and check yourself and others at the end of the day.



You must wear your PFD while on the water. (The PFD will be provided for renters, however you may bring your own)
Wear old sneakers or some other form of foot protection
Bring water and lunch.


Wear a bathing suit or quick drying clothes suitable for getting wet.
Bring sunscreen and insect repellent.
Bring a dry bag or waterproof container for your personal belongings.
Bring a lunch and snacks.
Have a secure place to carry your car keys.
Bring a hat and sunglasses.
Have a set of dry clothes in your car so you can change for the ride home.
Bring a cushion or stadium seat for in the canoe.
Bring a folding chair to use at the campground.


All your camping gear needs to be transported on the canoe. A list of what to bring will be provided. Instructions for packing your gear and keeping it dry will be provided.

You must register to go on this trip. More trip details and packing instructions will be sent to those who registered several weeks before the trip.
It is preferred that you register for this trip on Meetup. Please answer the questions. If you have a partner for a tandem boat, you may add them as a guest. This is a kid friendly trip. But your child should be at least 12 years old. Please provide a name for all guests.
Money will be collected on Saturday morning, please bring cash.

Here are the possible answers for question 2, "Boat Arrangement"

A. Renting a canoe with a known partner. (who is your partner?)
B. Renting a canoe and need a partner.
C. Using your own canoe with a known partner. (who is your partner?)
D. Using your own canoe and need a partner.