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Flame on for the Flambeau River

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This will be a two day fun and long trip down the Flambeau River. The first section does have small class 1 rapids/riffles within the trip. The second has no rapids (reported) however a few dams in which need to be portaged. What better way to spend a Labor Day? I am planning to get in the area Friday night for an early morning paddle. This is about 170 miles away from Green Bay - so, if you like to drive early in the morning, leave at about 3:30 AM - Otherwise spend the night. Please read the descriptions of the two areas from the web pages to get a better understanding. Here's the plan at the moment:

Day #1 will be North Fork, Nine Mile Creek to Highway W - 22 miles, 12 hours

Put in will be at the Nine Mile Creek Landing: Longitude: -90.6003 Latitude: 45.8524 (see map)

Take out will be at Highway W bridge.

I will be checking on shuttle fees from local outfitters - if they don't pan out, we will self shuttle.

Kayak rentals/shuttle are available for paddle #1 from two separate outfitters:

There are several locations for camping either tent or Terra camping (floor/H2O/electricity). Big Bear looks nice and convenient with multi-person lodging. There are two camp sites near there: Connor's Lake and Lake of the Pines - these are first come, first serve with 30 camp sites each. I would like to get an idea from those who are wanting to go on this trip, which would be more preferred - and I will make arrangements (if Big Bear).


Day #2 will beNorth Fork, Big Falls Dam to Ladysmith - 12 miles, 7 hours

Put in will be at the Big Falls Dam (Directions from Flambeau River State Forest). We shall decide on a put in time on Sunday (once we establish how fast the river is running). This is about an hour dive away,-90.83702&spn=0.303771,0.529404&iwloc=0004e1ded2ae1f9405cae

Take out Just North of Ladysmith at Memorial Park.,-90.95917403697968&hl=en&ll=45.470178,-91.101801&spn=0.001191,0.002068&sll=45.469269,-91.101342&sspn=0.002381,0.004136&geocode=FY_QtQIdW-OR-g%3BFV8ctwIduhKU-g&oq=ladysmith&t=h&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=18&z=19

Kayak rental and shuttle for section #2:

Please note - "No person may possess glass bottles within the Flambeau River State Forest boundary at Little Falls-Slough Gundy scenic area or within watercraft launched or removed from designated launching sites on the Flambeau River."