What we're about

> What we're about?
Wondering what the hype is around serverless? Curious how Kubernetes can change how you deploy and scale applications? Do you want to dive deeper into React? We scratch all the itches your brain has been dying to get to.

We are a community of application developers who love the cloud. We come from diverse coding backgrounds so we love to explore the gamut of languages from C# and Python to VueJS and Angular. We delve into the cool things you can do in your technology stack as well as the inventive things the cloud brings to the equation. This is a place to fuel your curiosity, discover new tricks and bond over great tech.

> Who should join?
If you are a seasoned technology professional or someone just starting out, we try to offer a little something for everyone. All are welcome to join the discussion, meet new people and learn something new. Bring a friend along.

> What to expect?
We tend to view the world through the lens of app dev, but we tackle a range of technologies each week. We mix and match Azure with AWS. Web, mobile and even desktop are fair game as we try to keep our topics fun, relevant and interesting.

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Selling Copious Amounts of Beer with Serverless

Online event

How a 30-hour weekend development sprint evolved into a platform that has sold over $11 million of beer and how we tried not to spill any along the way.

Speaker: Brian O'Connor - Director of Software Engineering at Slalom Consulting

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