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What we’re about

The Applied Creativity Network (ACN) is a community of professionals in business, nonprofits, the arts, education, government, science, facilitation/training, coaching, consulting, healing, wellness, and organizational and community development. We're focused on Applied Creativity for personal and professional growth; applications in business, community service, networking, and innovation; creative projects; and offering meaningful community and virtual events.

ACN meets both virtually and in-person (in Central Virginia venues) to explore, experience, and apply diverse facets of "whole brain" creative process for business and individual development. Each meeting (online or offline) is in a participant-interactive workshop format with a different theme, and facilitated by a different presenter.

Both content-rich and highly experiential, our online and offline workshops are designed to have participants experience their own creativity in real time...and apply it in useful ways to work, business, passion projects, personal growth, making a difference, and life.