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We are excited to announce a special hackathon along with Salesforce during the Salesforce1 World Tour in the RAI conference center!

Come join us on May 27 for a day of ideas, coding, and designing for the future of social welfare and health in the Netherlands! The challenge is explained below, and there are 1,750 Euros in prizes (cash) for the winners!

Salesforce1 API ( experts will be on-hand to answer questions about the platform. Click here ( for more information on the Salesforce1 platform.

The event will be covered through a live webcast by the Top Names team, on and on the Appsterdam Facebook page. As a participant, you can be on the show to present your own product, company or activity. Your Keynotes, Powerpoints, movies, desktop and device screens can be shared live. This is a great opportunity to get exposure!

RSVP here to reserve your spot. Everybody in the app business, coders, designers, marketers… you are all welcome to attend. Registration is free, there are no charges to participate in the hackathon!

For more details see: Official Rules and Regulations ( By registering you agree to these Official Rules and Regulations.

When registering, you'll need to enter some contact details, as we will get you a Salesforce1 badge that will give you access to the conference. You also can describe your product or activity in case you would like to be on the webcast.


8:30: Registration and welcome refreshments
9:00-9:30: Introduction, overview of Salesforce1 development platform and API
9:30-11:00 Pitches, idea selection, and team formation
11:30-16:30: Hacking and prototype building (with lunch, drinks, and snacks provided)
16:30-18:00: Final presentations and judging!

The Challenge

There’s a big change coming in the social welfare system in the Netherlands. As of 2015, the central government will delegate many of its tasks around social security and healthcare to local municipalities. When this happens, local communities themselves will create and implement their own laws for social welfare and long-term care of the sick and elderly, giving them a chance to independently decide and implement the laws, according to their own methods.

This new law is called “‘Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning”, or WMO. While this is a great opportunity, it also creates a lot of challenges. Local municipalities may not have the knowledge and skills required to take on this new task.

The main goal of the hackathon is to develop apps that in some way support the new implementation of WMO by municipalities.

“WMO consultants” are professionals who will help municipalities make this transition, by organizing access to proper care, deciding on appropriate funding levels, matching care options to consumers, and delivering a fair and efficient care delivery model. Salesforce wants to help these WMO consultants, as well as the care providers and the customers to streamline and optimize this new process.

We challenge you to create apps to support WMO consultants and municipalities in this transition.

Some examples of themes and problems to be solved:

● Enabling face-to-face “kitchen table” conversations between WMO Consultants and consumers eligible for assistance

● Dealing with limited funds for welfare and health care such as a fair method of distribution.

● Processes and workflows for municipalities to run smoothly

● Strategies for municipalities to inform citizens about this new policy.

Appsterdam or Salesforce will not be taking ownership or any IP rights to the Entries.