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The Aquarian Bookshop School of Metaphysics teaches an array of classes from meditation, reiki, crystal healing, tarot, astrology, candle magick and much, much more!

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Astrology Series: Intro to Electional Astrology (Using Astrology for Timing)

FOUR TUESDAYS, MARCH 5, 12, 19, 26 | 7:15-9:15 PM March 19: Intro to Electional Astrology (Using Astrology for Timing) When is the best time to light a candle? To buy a lottery ticket? To start a business? To have an important meeting? To get married? To get surgery? To blend an oil or create a talisman? Join Nick and learn the basics of astrological timing. No experience or previous astrological knowledge necessary. $35/class or $110/series | Call[masked] to register | http://aquarianbookshop.com

Advanced Tarot: Past Life Readings

2512 W Main St

Learn to use the tarot to assist you in uncovering previous incarnations. We will explore different spreads that investigate the worlds beyond this dimension so you can help your clients and yourself discover the mysteries of previous lives. Bring your past life questions! Taught by the Aquarian's Tarot Intuitive and Master Astrologer, Susan Hughes. Please register by Tuesday, March 19. $25 | 7:15-9:15 pm | Call[masked] to register | http://aquarianbookshop.com

Shamanic Journey

2512 W Main St

An experiential workshop in which you will be precisely guided into the process of the shamanic journey. You will learn to recall important aspects of your “other-worldly” experience and be assisted in integrating the experience for use in the real world. Potential benefits include connecting with a spirit animal or Ancestral Guide, receiving spiritual messages, spontaneous healing of an emotional problem, and others. $30 | 7:15-9:15 pm | Call[masked] to register | http://aquarianbookshop.com Nick is a psychic, astrologer, and healer at the Aquarian Bookshop. He is the founder of the Society of Awakening Souls, an organization at UVA and the Aquarian Bookshop for students seeking awakening.

Free Reiki & Chakra Balancing

2512 W Main St

Stop in for a FREE Chakra Balancing & Reiki Healing. Release stress, remove blockages, and raise your Chi/Power. Reiki energy helps mind, body, and Spirit and leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, revitalized! Facilitated by Reiki Master and Spiritual Wellness Coach, JR Adams 4-7 pm | Walk-ins only | http://aquarianbookshop.com

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Crystal & Vibrational Healing

2512 W Main St

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