Raise Your Positive Energy with Kundalini and Sound Healing

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Both Kundalini Yoga and sound healing with singing bowls work with your chakras (energy centers) to raise your positive vibrational energy. In this workshop you will move, chant, and meditate as you practice Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness. The exercises in this set are excellent for beginners and regular kundalini practitioners and they balance and cleanse your chakras and the corresponding organs of the body. In addition, you will move the kundalini energy located at the base of your spine up so that you can use it to reach your maximum creative effectiveness in your life.
In the second hour of the workshop, Tracy will guide you through each of the chakras. Learn the location, color, and meaning of each chakra and set a positive intention into each one of these spaces with the sound of the singing bowl. Learn how to find out if these chakras are blocked and what you can do to keep the energy moving.
Finally, there is nothing for you to do but deeply relax to the harmonies of the singing bowls. Rest in the knowledge that you will leave vibrating at a higher frequency than when you arrived. You will be aligned and balanced, energized and rested.