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London MENA Film Festival : Short Film Night

Price: £8.00 /per person

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The London MENA Film Festival (LMFF) aims to be the go to place for Middle Eastern and North African cinema in London. We have three main objectives – by promoting MENA film in London we aim to reach audiences who might not otherwise get the opportunity to see this cinema, thus encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

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Films start at 7pm promptly, doors open at 6.30pm. No late entry allowed.

The Pillars
UAE / Egypt, 2012 Length: 15 minutes Director: Moustafa Zakaroa

We follow various people who are going through changes in an ever-changing society, in this cinematic adventure which is anchored around the five pillars of Islam.

The Portrait
Egypt, 2012 Length: 8 minutes Director: Ahmed Magdy

Taking place on a Friday, with protests at a high in Tahrir Square in Cairo, an artist is isolated in her studio and we discover what is more important to her – her own needs or the ideology of the protesters.

Visualising The Past: Rebranding The Present II
UK, 2010 Length: 10 minutes Director: Jessica Jacobs

A short documentary exploring the interest and, in some cases, love that various visitors feel towards the historic city of Damascus in Syria.

UAE, 2011 Length: 9 minutes Director: Fatima Abdallah

A mysterious man asks a sculptor for a strange request – to create an exact replica model of himself in clay. A conceptual film, which questions the meaning of existence and the journey of a soul.

Iraq, 2011 Length: 5 minutes Director: Abbas Al Badri

The animated story of a snail who finds himself in a tricky situation, and the adventures which can come with change and transition.

Egypt, 2010 Length: 20 minutes Director: Omar El Zohairy

An elderly couple go about their daily routine, where they can hear the clamour of Cairo’s hustle and bustle outside the closed window.

UAE / Syria, 2012 Length: 8 minutes Director: Hani Kichi

Set in the depths of the ocean, Erato the mermaid falls victim to her own curiosity and breaks the ultimate laws of the sea. Can a young Bedouin who dreams of uniting his people under one goal save her from her destiny?

Five Pounds
UAE / Egypt, 2011 Length: 11 minutes Director: Mohamed Adeeb

An older woman is followed through the dark streets of Cairo by a mysterious young man. Why does he follow her? Who is he and what does he want?

The Hardest Question
Jordan, 2012 Length: 15 minutes Director: Ahmed Samara

What would you do if it was your last day on earth? This short film documents the entertaining and moving answers of some of Amman’s residents.


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