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I am a professional teacher and translator of Arabic , French & English ; teaching Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic , ESOL English and GCSE French . I have been teaching languages (French & Arabic ) since my graduation in 1996 to many students from different educational backgrounds : Ambassadors , diplomats, businessmen , journalists , university students ,officers ,bankers ,lawyers ,GCSE / A level and primary school students .
I studied Arabic literature , poetry , prose , eloquence & Syntax at school . I also studied Arabic Syntax , applied linguistics , French literature , English grammar & translation at university .
I am a Londoner but Arabic is my mother tongue and I am able to teach the following : Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic ( Media Arabic ) & three different dialects : Gulf, Egyptian & Levant. I also have a basic knowledge of the following languages: German,Turkish, Swedish, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Farsi.
I have been teaching ESOL English to different students from all walks of life in London since 2010 . I am very friendly , polite , helpful , trustworthy & patient .
I have helped many students develop their languages skills and achieve excellent results in their exams in all three languages and I still have some e-mails from students showing and confirming their gratitude as I had made my best efforts to help them with languages . I understand my students' needs very well and am able to explain complex grammar to them in depth and compare it to their own languages . I am planning to offer the following classes
& services .

1- Classical Arabic classes at all levels
2- Modern Standard Arabic ( Media Arabic ) from beginners up to PHD
3- Help with assignments for university students
4-Translation classes from & into English-Arabic -French
5-Materials Development in three languages (English-Arabic-French)
6- Proofreading in Arabic
7-Arabic Calligraphy classes
8-Arabic Pronunciation classes
9-Arabic for Business
10--Arabic & French for Horology & Fashion
11- Interpreting services (English -Arabic-French)
12-General English classes for Arabs
13-Accent reduction & English Phonology
14-TEFL for English teachers
15- Classes on servicing mechanical watches
16-Arabic Classes on Gulf dialect
17- Arabic classes on Egyptian dialect
18- Arabic classes on Levant dialects
19-Listening classes (Arabic)
20- Conversion classes (Arabic-Arabic)
(Modern Standard Arabic into dialects)
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Arabic Course for Beginners on Sundays (Mastering Arabic 1)

Needs a location

Tuition fees : £10 per hour.

This course aims to enable learners starting from complete beginner level to use Modern Standard Arabic within a limited range of everyday situations across the following skills: speaking, reading and writing. The course teaches students to express themselves understandably at a basic level of communicative interaction and students should have already done the reading & writing course of Arabic .

The course is taught in English and Arabic and includes coverage of the following skills of speaking, reading and writing and a good balance between understanding the systems of Arabic grammar and vocabulary, developing the skills of comprehending and producing Arabic in speech and writing, guided practice in language usage and use and authentic communicative activities. Class size is limited to six to allow intensive interactive practice with individual feedback and advice on progress.

Course requirement : Students should be able to read and write the Arabic alphabet.
Materials: Mastering Arabic ( book one )

Tuition fees: £10 per hour

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