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I am a professional teacher and translator of Arabic , French & English ; teaching Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic , ESOL English and GCSE French . I have been teaching languages (French & Arabic ) since my graduation in 1996 to many students from different educational backgrounds : Ambassadors , diplomats, businessmen , journalists , university students ,officers ,bankers ,lawyers ,GCSE / A level and primary school students .
I studied Arabic literature , poetry , prose , eloquence & Syntax at school . I also studied Arabic Syntax , applied linguistics , French literature , English grammar & translation at university .
I am a Londoner but Arabic is my mother tongue and I am able to teach the following : Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic ( Media Arabic ) & three different dialects : Gulf, Egyptian & Levant. I also have a basic knowledge of the following languages: German,Turkish, Swedish, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Farsi.
I have been teaching ESOL English to different students from all walks of life in London since 2010 . I am very friendly , polite , helpful , trustworthy & patient .
I have helped many students develop their languages skills and achieve excellent results in their exams in all three languages and I still have some e-mails from students showing and confirming their gratitude as I had made my best efforts to help them with languages . I understand my students' needs very well and am able to explain complex grammar to them in depth and compare it to their own languages . I am planning to offer the following classes
& services .

1- Classical Arabic classes at all levels
2- Modern Standard Arabic ( Media Arabic ) from beginners up to PHD
3- Help with assignments for university students
4-Translation classes from & into English-Arabic -French
5-Materials Development in three languages (English-Arabic-French)
6- Proofreading in Arabic
7-Arabic Calligraphy classes
8-Arabic Pronunciation classes
9-Arabic for Business
10--Arabic & French for Horology & Fashion
11- Interpreting services (English -Arabic-French)
12-General English classes for Arabs
13-Accent reduction & English Phonology
14-TEFL for English teachers
15- Classes on servicing mechanical watches
16-Arabic Classes on Gulf dialect
17- Arabic classes on Egyptian dialect
18- Arabic classes on Levant dialects
19-Listening classes (Arabic)
20- Conversion classes (Arabic-Arabic)
(Modern Standard Arabic into dialects)
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