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**Nerf Wars with Singles** (Archers Arena)

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to invite you out to an outstanding experience and event involving Nerf Wars.

This is an opportunity to make some great new connections while playing this highly interactive activity that is fun, challenging and absolutely exhilarating. We will be playing at Archers Arena Toronto, the number 1 ranked Archery Arena in the city.

*We will start the event with an opportunity to mix & mingle, receive training on Nerf Guns, and then begin Nerf Wars.

Please read below for all the details and certainly join us if you can.

*Joined by my other social groups so we can anticipate a great turn out

*We also have extended time as a great bonus for everyone


Steve Flemming


Event Details:

**Nerf Wars with Singles** (Archers Arena)

First off, what exactly is a Nerf War? Well, we are talking about a gathering of people that all want to shoot at each other while being able to walk away unscathed by the experience; through Nerfing. Nerf guns are granted to all players, teams are assigned, and then off to war they go; various game modes bring out different strategies and tactics to gain the upper hand. We at Archers Arena are going to use Rival series guns, such as the Artemis and will also include in certain game modes with duel-wielding Triad Ex-3 Elite.

Last but not least, we also offer the N-Strike Strongarm as an alternative.

The games we are going to play will mostly follow along the three main categories: Elimination, Attack & Defend, and Objective Rounds.


Location is TTC accessible, minutes away from Downsview station. Or if driving, FREE parking is available in the plaza.

1140 Sheppard Ave West, Suite 3, Toronto ON CA M3K 2A2



*West of Bathurst and Alan Road on Sheppard

(Same Plaza as Mystery Room)


Friendly Reminders:

Arrival Time: Please arrive at 7:00 PM

*Fee: 25 dollars at the door (Cash only) (HST is included in this price)

(No additional fee if you pay cash)

*Credit Card accepted but you will pay 13% extra on the 25 if you don't bring cash

(Includes: Nerf Gun Lesson, Nerf Wars and extended Time to Play)

-Free parking (10-12 minute walk from Downsview Subway station)

*Comfortable clothing recommended (t-shirt, shorts, sweat pants, etc...)