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This group is for those interested in exploring how Archimedes' Offspring ( http://www.archimedesoffspring.com ) can assist inventors with the inventing development and commercialization process, with the goal being to get their product into the marketplace. For those of you in Colorado, Utah, Boston or Pittsburgh, please check the calendar for any scheduled physical meetups for this group. For those of you who will be attending any of the "streaming" or other "virtual" events scheduled by AOS, please consult the Archimedes' Offspring YouTube channel ( https://tinyurl.com/y4vf8ybj ) for event days and times, or follow us in general on our Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn channels, or by going directly to our website, all of the links to which you can find at the bottom of this page.

A Word About Archimedes' Offspring

Innovation and the inventing process, along with the inventors themselves, have been the key ingredients in driving the growth of the American economy over the past two hundred years. They are a vital component of the U.S. competitive arsenal. And, as important is the fact that inventors don’t just innovate; they create wealth, use the services of other providers and give back to the community. They are both drivers and users of the economy; they both create and consume.

We at AOS believe it’s time to encourage and support these innovative people who are dedicated to the inventing process. We believe that supporting them and their processes holds the potential for revitalizing the U.S. economy. It’s the recognition of this inescapable fact that has served as the impetus for the creation of Archimedes’ Offspring.

Archimedes’ Offspring (AOS) was created to provide new opportunities for those inventors who successfully go through the AOS Vetting Process. Upon successful completion of the process, any inventor can access cash for development of their idea under one of four scenarios:

• they know they want to license or sell their patent; or

• they’re looking for a bridge loan to get them through to the next level of development or commercialization; or

• they’re not sure they want to go through the trouble and aggravation (including potentially losing years of valuable time and buckets full of hard-to-come by cash), involved in creating a startup company, but they don’t want to completely give up on the idea and would like to preserve that option for the future; or

• they already know they want to build a startup eventually, but they’d like to use the funding available from AOS for their first “seed” round.

The new opportunity afforded by AOS will give all inventors, regardless of their ultimate goals, the ability to secure the capital they need in the beginning to ensure the success of their invention. In addition, for those inventors who know they prefer to license or sell their patent outright (or who are uncertain about pursuing a “startup company” strategy) AOS provides the type of access to financial help that has been denied to them previously. In short, AOS will pursue a strategy of working to offer all of America the opportunity to help inventors (and themselves) by becoming “co-inventors” (through co-ownership) of the very inventions produced by these talented and committed individuals. In short, investors will be the instrument through which an inventor with a great idea, but little in the way of personal resources, will get their product to market. It’s an exciting time in innovation.

AOS is the future of invention funding. Inventors interested in the financial support that AOS can provide will apply and go through the vetting process. If approved, the inventor can receive up to $75,000 to cover the expense of patents, engineering, prototypes, trade show attendance and short-run manufacturing. In addition, for inventors who either know they don’t want to be a startup (or who have serious doubts about pursuing one), this is the first time they will have access to financial help, and not by VC’s or “angels” but from “Main Street” America itself.

Anyone who wants to be part of the inventing process can now pick their own “inventing family”. Watch for the launch of the Invention Investment Families on our website in the days and weeks to come.

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Archimedes' Offspring Inventor Meetup

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