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  • Tea for <N number of people>
    Just an afternoon get-together for tea. This place has all kinds of different teas, and I think you usually get your own small pot. FYI, I'm pretty seriously considering shutting this group down after this event. There's been an amazing number of people joining, which is awesome, but the overall turnout at meetups isn't what I'd hope for. If I had the surplus time and energy, I'd give it a full year (which is probably what you need to give a meetup group a solid chance of building momentum) but that ain't happening. So come on by and let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter, or other ideas for how to do what this group was intended to do. Or, if you're interested in 3D printing or puppets, let me know cuz I'm thinking about starting a meetup for one of those things :) (EDIT: Accidentally scheduled it for the wrong tea place in Ballard! Changed it just now to Miro.)


    5405 Ballard Ave NW · Seattle, WA

  • Capitol Hill this time (a thing with people and hanging out)
    Okay so nobody RSVPed to the last event, and I wasn't too bent out of shape about that, but if no one shows up *this* time, I'm going to get super upset. I'll probably even post an angry tweet about it, but the anger will be but a thin mask for the grief churning underneath. You wouldn't think grief could "churn", but, let me tell you, that shit'll be *churning*. Anyway, drinks and talking, as per usual. Still happy to take any suggestions for more interesting activities, but personally drinking and talking is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I'm technically willing to do just one or the other, but the combination really is more than the sum of its parts. Oh, and my number: [masked]. I'll post a comment the evening of to let people know where I'm sitting, but feel free to text me with questions.

    The Stumbling Monk

    1635 E Olive Way · Seattle, WA

  • A thing! Another thing.
    I find it super weird that there are actually a decent number of people who are joining a group with such an awkward name! Y'all look awesome, though, so what the hell :) I'm still planning on scheduling meetups every other Sunday, but I had to skip last time because LIFE. Too much life happening. Boy howdy. Anyway, here's another one. I still don't have any specific activity in mind other than good conversation, and the last few meetups have reliably had great conversations, so I'm pretty optimistic on that front. Murphy's Pub is another self-serving location choice, but it's also a nice, old-timey spot. When I get there I'll leave a comment below letting people know where to find me, but also feel free to text me at[masked]

    Murphy's Pub

    1928 N 45th St · Seattle

  • More hanging out and conversation!
    I'm just bad at naming things, I think. And I'm scheduling this a little later than I'd planned, so we'll see how that works out. I've heard really good things about the Outlander, and I've been wanting to go there for a while. Not sure exactly what the seating situation is, but I'm sure we'll manage! My plan before has been to update the description to let people know where we're sitting, but it seems like meetup locks the description after the starting time of the event, so I'll post a comment below instead. Also, my number again is [masked], feel free to text me.

    Outlander Brewery and Pub

    225 N 36th St · Seattle, WA

  • Drinks!
    Drinks! Drinks and conversation at the old E&C. It's a good spot for both small and large groups, and has that signature pub atmosphere. When I get there, I'll update this description to let people know where I'm sitting, but as usual here's my phone number in case anyone wants to text me: [masked] And the last two meetups went really well, so I look forward to meeting whoever shows up this time!

    Elephant & Castle

    1415 5th Avenue · Seattle, WA

  • Nevermind, coffee instead!
    Last time worked out well, so I'm going to schedule another one. Just another conversation-and-drinks type of thing. Originally those drinks were going to be alcoholic, and consumed at the Elephant and Castle in the evening, but I just changed the event to coffee at Anchorhead Coffee in the afternoon. Still in downtown, though, just a few blocks away (I promise not to change it again). I'll leave my phone number again, and feel free to text beforehand to find out where I'm sitting, but I'll also try to leave a comment on this event. My number: [masked] I look forward to meeting whoever shows up!

    Anchorhead Coffee

    1600 7th Ave #105 (CenturyLink Plaza) · Seattle, WA

  • Drinks at Al's
    Awesome: so a handful of people have joined. I'm going to start scheduling meetups like this one, but my experience is that the first couple events are usually poorly attended. Feel free to prove me wrong, but for now I'm going to choose locations closer to where I live. If/when people start showing up, then I'll start asking what kinds of locations people would prefer. And this is just a low-key, hang-out-and-have drinks kind of thing. Good people, good conversation, etc. I look forward to seeing someone/anyone or to reading a book and having a nice drink by myself at my local watering hole :) Oh, and here's my number - [masked]. Text me beforehand and I'll let you know where I'm sitting.

    Al's Tavern

    2303 N 45th St · Seattle, WA