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Please be aware that we require a clear face photo (without sun glasses and goggles for men) for all members and also full and proper answers to all our questions in correct English. If you do not have a clear photo or answer the questions properly we will not approve you. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to meeting you at one of our meetups soon!


Are you new in Abu Dhabi? Would you like to meet new people in the city and make new friends and relationships? You are in the right place. Join us. We meet many times a month at fun events which are not formal, fully hosted and well organised. You are actually welcomed at our events and introduced to others. It cannot get easier than that!


Please click on this link to see a slide show about our group and its activities. (http://bit.ly/theexpatsclubstorysofar)


You can see all the Expats Club groups at www.theexpatsclub.net (http://www.theexpatsclub.net/)

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This is an Abu Dhabi group of 'The Expats Club' which is a global network of online socialising and networking groups. The Expats Club operates in 20 cities around the world, with over 50,000 members, through a variety of platforms including meetup.com, Facebook and our own platform at www.theexpatsclub.net (http://www.theexpatsclub.net/) and at http://www.meetup.com/pro/theexpatsclub/

We tend to have a number of groups in every city to meet the needs of many niches in the community. A number of times we combine group events so that everyone can meet each other. I hope you enjoy your membership of our groups. Please feel free to write to me at info@theexpatsclub.net or text/whatsapp/call me on +971552829430 or +447715705005 with any comments, complaints, thoughts or suggestions. I look forward to meeting you at one of our events soon.

Please be aware that most people come to meetups and events alone. We make it our business to welcome you at the door, introduce you to others in the group and ensure that you are comfortable quickly. We are also at hand to assist if you have any issues or would like to be introduced to anyone specifically. We only ask that you are well behaved in your online and offline interactions with other members.

We also do group holidays a few times a year, when we invite members from all our groups around the world to join us at one holiday destination. I very much hope you will join us on one of those trips as you will meet people from around the world (including any locals who are part of our local groups) and vastly improve your enjoyment of the holiday. It is an unsurpassed experience and always a grand party!

My thanks and best regards

Dan Raj (Founder)



You can see all the Expats Club groups at www.theexpatsclub.net (http://www.theexpatsclub.net/)

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Make new friends with Abu Dhabi Expats @ Roberto's (with FREE DRINK...!!)

Making friends as adults is a rewarding yet sometimes scary experience. We usually have such hectic lives, that we find it difficult to break away from the daily routines. We have come up with an easy and stress-free way for YOU to make friends and broaden your social (& professional) network. Join us at Roberto's for a lovely social evening where you can meet, interact & connect with other Expats in the city of Abu Dhabi. Our area is booked for the Expats Meetup and your host, DAVID, will be there to welcome you into the group and also introduce you to many of the members who attend. Our Venue: Roberto’s Abu Dhabi offers scenic indoor and outdoor seating right on the water, full in-house bakery and extended operating hours. Roberto’s is ready to warmly welcome you with our signature food and service. (please google exact location - do not use meetup map as it may be wrong) Information & event details: - You must be 21+ Please carry a valid id - emirates id/passport - They will not allow you inside the lounge without a valid id. - Please ask for Expats Meetup / DAVID when you arrive as we have an area booked for our group. - BEN is hosting the evening & will welcome you warmly to the group. He will also help with intros & mingling. - Event cost / fee: AED 50 per person is payable in cash only. The cost will be collected by DAVID when you arrive - please carry the exact amount. - Please note: The event cost / fee will be paid by everyone - no exceptions. - All members will get 1 drink voucher/coupon - Dress : Smart casual (no sports wear/flip flops/sandals/ shorts/round neck t-shirts etc) - Location : Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhabi - Al Maryah island - please use google maps for exact location. In case you have any genuine questions or concerns you can reach RIMA through the meetup profile or Raj on [masked] (whatsapp only). (Kindly whatsapp between 9 am and 7 pm only. NO NAME = NO REPLY) (NOTE: This is not a dating/matchmaking evening. The people attending are interested in making new friends & broadening their networks. Please be respectful of everyone) CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS FROM PAST MEETUPS http://bit.ly/Oursocials ------------------------------------------ Why should you attend our Socials? We have taken away any and all issues surrounding socializing and meeting new people in Abu Dhabi. 1. Meeting new people in groups can be intimidating. The organizers of the Expats Meetup understand this and so welcome you when you arrive in our reserved area. We then proceed to introduce you to a few like-minded people so that you can chat and settle down. 2. Our socials are very casual and laid-back affairs. We have no registration table, queues, guest lists or ceremony. All you do is walk in like you are meeting old friends and just say hello! 3. There is a very good reason why our socials have small groups of between 10 and 30 people. That is because small groups are better for socializing and everyone can actually meet everyone else through the course of the evening. Everyone just enjoys themselves more! 4. No one is alone in our socials. No starring into glasses and watching others chatting. Our organizers will help you make connections. Just reach out to them. Organizers will be there to help you and introduce you to the other members. 5. We, almost always, tend to have a very good gender, age and cultural balance. No one group dominates, there are no cliques and everyone is very open to make new friends. You have no absolutely no excuse! There is no need to be shy or worried about meeting new people. Come out and join us. We will help you meet people and make new friends! ---------------MEMBER VIDEOS------------------------ https://youtu.be/QNCS7SKajD8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2wEcW9ReUU&t=41s

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Abu Dhabi Expats Party - Make new friends & Socialize @ Catch

Catch Rooftop Bar and Lounge

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