What we're about

Are you new in this amazing city? Have you moved from another part of the USA or anywhere else in the world? So you have to rebuild your whole social and professional network from scratch? If so this is the meetup for you.

NYC is a vibrant, busy and amazing but it can also be lonely place. It can be even more isolating if you are single, a bit older and if you are new in the city and do not have any friends or social network in the city.

We want to bring together like minded people who prefer to socialise at fun meetups, ideally in relatively quiet locations including bars, restaurants and parks where people can meet each other and establish connections and build friendships beyond mere acquaintances.

Our meetups will be carefully organised to ensure we are small enough in number so that we remember most names and exchange numbers with many by the end of it. We will strive to offer a comforting and warm group which is international in outlook with a high degree of sensitivity and warmth.

Please be open to new friendships and experiences. We could go to bars, restaurants, cruises, trips, concerts, sports events, holidays, dances and parties, yoga etc. and so the meetups will be diverse and help you make new friends and settle in the city while also experience new places and activities.

This group will be about friendships and connections in a new city and above all for having fun together with new friends.

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