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What is Argentine Tango? Argentine Tango is a dance born in the poor and low class establishments in the Rio de Plata region of South America as a mixture of different music and dance cultures as a result of an influx of immigrants in that area in the end of the 19th century. Its roots included the Cuban habanera, the African candombe, as well as the other European dances. The Argentine Tango is mostly characterized as a dance held in a close embrace, with intricate leg movements that are entirely led by the man. Most people confuse Argentine Tango with the Ballroom tango as commonly portrayed in the media, where the couples need to wear extravagant costumes and execute acrobatic lifts, jumps and leg movements. In fact, Argentine Tango is a subtle, sophisticated social dance. It is a dance meant to be felt, not seen. It is a language spoken by the body that allows two people to move as one. Why should I dance Argentine Tango? People dance Argentine Tango for difference reasons. Most started dancing because they wanted to find a new hobby, or want to meet new friends. Some say they enjoyed the music first, others because they saw a TV show showing a different type of "show tango" and was intrigued. Slowly they all realize it never was what they originally expected, but become captivated by the feeling evoked by dancing Tango, the feeling of connecting to another person, the feeling that they are able to "talk" to someone through the dance, be it a friend or stranger. I have no dance experience. Can I dance Argentine Tango? Of course! If you can walk, you can dance Argentine Tango! Do I need a partner? Argentine Tango is a dance that is totally improvised. The man leads and the lady follows, which is why no fixed partner is needed to dance tango. Where can I dance Argentine Tango? We offer regular group classes of different levels as well as private classes. Throughout the week there are practicas (practice sessions) and milongas (dance parties) organized by different organizers that take place in different dance studios / bars. After learning the basics (around 8 classes), you can start going to milongas where you will meet people in the tango community (around 200 active dancers in HK) to dance, drink, chat and listen to beautiful tango music played by the DJ. To find out more information, visit www.malevos-tango.com

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Argentine Tango for Beginners - 8 weeks course

iGenius Education Centre

A 8-week course for absolute beginner members opens every month. Each class will last for 1 hour. Course dates will be announced 1-2 months prior to the start of each new course. Venue: Malevos Tango School, Rm 1109, Bell House Block B,[masked] Nathan Road, Kowloon (MTR Exit B1. Entrance to the right of Japan Home Centre) Class Size: 12 people max. Class Fee: .Trial /HKD850 - First Four classes of the Beginners Course (Option to complete the full course at the end of the 4th lesson for additional HKD600; or continue with elementary classes with normal packages.) .One Full Course / HKD1300 - One full 2 months beginners Course .3-months membership / HKD1600 - 3 months unlimited participation in any class of our Beginners Course (maxima up to 20 hr classes). Starting date must coincide with the starting date of a Beginners Course. Early bird Offer: .HKD100 discount will be offered fo r payments made 1 week prior to the start of the course/membership. (does not apply to Trial package) To enrol please fill in the online form in advance: http://www.malevos-tango.com/#beginners *** The funder & Instructor Sandra Mok was introduced to Argentine Tango in 2004 while studying at the University of Chicago, USA. Musically trained since she was young, while being both a swimmer and an athlete, Argentine Tango came naturally to her. Her passion for the dance led her to visit Buenos Aires 4 times since 2008, each visit bringing her new insights, feelings and understanding to the dance. She has studied intensively with Argentine tango legends, Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Misse, and Sebastian Misse and Andrea Reyero. She has frequently been invited to perform in Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney and Shanghai. She co-founded "Las Chinitas" and "La Bruja" in Hong Kong respectively to promote tango and its culture through organizing workshops and milongas. In February 2010, she quit her job as a corporate banker to devote herself full-time for tango. Felipe Hsieh began his tango in 2002; he was attracted deeply by the tango dance, music, and culture, and learned from the World's greatest Argentine tango masters - Javier Rodriguez, Andrea Misse, Sebastian Missé, Andrea Rerero. He combines the spirit of the various tango masters and creates the teaching system -- the cornerstone of Malevos Tango School. In the past 10 years, he has taught or performed in Seoul (Korea), Sydney (Australia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Moscow (Russia), Macau, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and various cities in Taiwan. Felipe also has performed tango in TV shows in Taiwan, and worked as the dance director for music videos. Through his engineering and industrial design background, he started his own tango shoe brand "FELIPE.H" in 2014. Also, he created the Tango Ideogram Writing System to record tango sequences in his book "INITIAL TANGO", published in 2018. Watch their dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLF676C633B5FE6E54&v=hW1kjgqEi5w

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Argentine Tango for Beginners - 8 weeks course

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