What we're about

"A Healthy Body Needs a Healthy Mindset."

Everything starts in your mind. The mindset creates the models of reality - rules how you live, behave and react. So, we need to ensure that we stay curious and "upgrade" our models.

This is what this group is all about - digging deep into our mindsets and building a healthy attitude. Training our minds to live more positively, more deeply and more fully. To love ourselves and to share with others.

Sometimes that will come as pure goal setting, sometimes as self-love talk, sometimes as more spiritual talk. In truth, all of these all aspects need to be touched to have a healthy lifestyle.

Let´s all meet, share and discuss our practical tips and our healthy mindset habits and experiences together without judging each other.

The group objective is to meet all together (in Folkedstedet), having in mind a specific topic related to the "expansion of the mind". Mostly these meetings will be scheduled as workshops with fun exercises to have "hands-on-hands" experiences that you can later bring in your daily life too.

All kinds of topics are welcome on board - please feel welcome to pitch it in.

Let's thrive and shine together :)

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