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Do you long to awaken the divine nature of your being; expand your love, find your purpose, and feel freedom and joy? Desire to deepen your connections, open your heart, and create strong sexual polarity with your partner? Discover the transformation of consciousness within yourself and especially though love relationships by surrendering into your deepest heart.

This co-ed open discussion group enjoys reviewing the works of philosophers, teachers and spiritual guides and exploring the dynamic mix of our own masculine and feminine energies as well as how they present themselves in our love relationships, family, business, and to the world.

If you resonate with the ideas brought forth by David Deida, Alison Armstrong, John Gray, Ken Wilber, and many others including the Tantric philosophies (or may have never heard of them is OK too), this group has in-depth discussions, exercises and a lot of fun exploring the differences in all of us, some of the stereotypes and the realities of men/women, masculine/feminine, and the relationship challenges each creates…. And how to overcome and really enjoy and appreciate the differences!

Sharing previous taped lectures, DVD's, books and experiences in workshops and classes and inviting real, honest and fun discussions and exercises between men and women; the masculine and feminine.

How does the purposeful masculine “do”? How does the passionate feminine “feel”?

What does he really think and want? What does she feel and how is she satisfied (ever)?

Why doesn't she say what she really means? Why won't he ask for directions?

Why do we (the opposite sexes) drive each other ‘crazy’?!!

Or, maybe we are supposed to….?

We have fun exploring these timeless questions, philosophies and more… Please join us.

We ask for a love offering to cover room rental and to offset purchase of materials. (Audios/videos/books, etc.)

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