What we're about

This group is for all like minded souls interested in making a deep connection through the heart and soul.

Let's bridge the connection between mind- heart- soul, and deepen connection with the hearts- souls of others.

Whether you are looking for : a soulmate, creating new friendships, or simply honoring your choice to be single at this time, this group is intended to bringing more love, peace, joy, playfulness and laughter into your life.

"We do not attract what we want; we attract what we are."-Wayne Dyer

Do you know why? Join us and you will know the deeper truth:)

Let's get together for uplifting events with lots of positive vibes.

Are you ready to open your mind and heart for a something new?

Join us for metaphysical events, group relaxation- meditation, ecstatic dance , uplifting concerts, discussions, trips and more...

Meditation and Dance Video (https://youtu.be/2Ib7JGhKjlo)

Looking forward to meeting you,

Sending infinite love, light and joy your way,



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Transform Drama Triangle & Sound Healing

Center For Divine Awakening

All human beings have different psychological needs – to be appreciated, sense of belonging, to be loved, to feel secure, being cared for...
When any of our core needs are not met, we unconsciously take on a role in the drama triangle with a desire to manage the conflict without realising that.

Right now, you could be experiencing drama in your current relationships or in family.
Constantly shifting dynamics in relationships between:

When a family is stuck in the Drama triangle, it is highly likely that their future child will get involved in the drama too. As a result, the child may have no choice in making major life decisions, and they won’t grow up self-reliant.

The drama triangle can be so pervasive that escaping it feels unsafe and frightening.

So, what is the way out of the drama triangle?

We will share wisdom how to transform drama triangle, following sound healing of Crystal and Tibetan bowls.

Energy exchange:$20

Eternal love and blessings,

Self Love: Quantum Workshop

Center For Divine Awakening

Are you one who is still blaming, judging or abusing your self ?
Do you know that behind judgments, there is guilt, behind guilt….

Love is a state of consciousness. Self love is not words, not what you do.

Learning how to love is the purpose of spiritual life.
We will share some insights, following 45 min Quantum tool, breathing practice to uncover love within.
Energy exchange: $40
Eternal love, light and gratitude,
www. HelenaPrana.com

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Recharge Your Self: The Magic of Sound

Center For Divine Awakening

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