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Find Permanent Happiness-5 Steps to Turn Within:Relaxation with Crystal Bowls
Are you aware that your mind has been running in the external world searching for happiness, but often finding disappointment and frustration instead.:) The truth is that permanent happiness, joy, fulfillment can be find only within. Are you ready for a new profound experience, spiritual Awakening? The mind is your greatest tool, but often your mind is clouded—distracted, filled with worry or fear or endlessly chasing after what it things will bring you happiness. The mind can only be truly peaceful when it is at rest.:) Meditation allows you to come in touch with your core being, pure consciousness, which is ever free, luminous, and filled with limitless joy. You will be guided through 5 steps, to relax your body and mind, to turn your mind within to find joy, following Sound healing of Crystal and Tibetan bowls to experience more joy. Love offering :$20 Eternal love, joy and gratitude, Prana

Center For Divine Awakening

15801 N. 40th Street · Phoenix, AZ

What we're about

This group is for all like minded souls interested in making a deep connection through the heart and soul.

Let's bridge the connection between mind- heart- soul, and deepen connection with the hearts- souls of others.

Whether you are looking for : a soulmate, creating new friendships, or simply honoring your choice to be single at this time, this group is intended to bringing more love, peace, joy, playfulness and laughter into your life.

"We do not attract what we want; we attract what we are."-Wayne Dyer

Do you know why? Join us and you will know the deeper truth:)

Let's get together for uplifting events with lots of positive vibes.

Are you ready to open your mind and heart for a something new?

Join us for metaphysical events, group relaxation- meditation, ecstatic dance , uplifting concerts, discussions, trips and more...

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Looking forward to meeting you,

Sending infinite love, light and joy your way,


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