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Arizona is the best place to go hiking and visit the great outdoors. At Arizona Desert Hikers, we hope to bring together those like minded individuals who share a passion for hiking and want to experience nature. Our hikes will range from moderate 2 intermediate 2 difficult. We enjoy hiking (of course), having fun and socializing after the hike with a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner!

If you're interested in hiking in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Superstition Wilderness (Supes), Camelback Mountain, Pinnacle Peak, North Mountain, Shaw Butte, Dreamy Draw, Piestewa Peak, South Mountain, Black Mountain, Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, Lookout Mountain, Cave Creek Regional Park, Black Mountain, Lake Pleasant Regional Park, McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Phoenix Sonoran Preserve, Saguaro Lake, San Tan Mountain Regional Park, Usery Park/Pass Mountain, White Tank Mountain Regional Park, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Jerome, Mazatzal Wilderness, Payson, Prescott, Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, Santa Catalina Mountains, Sedona, Strawberry, Tucson, White Mountain Apache Reservation, Williams and everywhere else in this great state of Arizona...then what are you waiting for?...Let's Get This Party Started!...

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This is a listing of all hikes that Arizona Desert Hikers has done since our inception...2012-2017 (Sorted by Area Alphabetically):

Woods Canyon Lake Trail (Black Mesa Ranger District)

Camelback Mountain (Cholla Trail) Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain (Echo Canyon Trail) Camelback Mountain

Romero Pools (Catalina State Park - Tucson)

Black Mountain (Cave Creek)

Maricopa Trail (Spur Cross Ranch 2 Cave Creek Regional Park) Cave Creek

Go John Trail (Cave Creek Regional Park)

Kachina Trail (Flagstaff Ranger District)

Sandys Canyon Trail to Walnut Canyon (Flagstaff Ranger District)

Slate Mountain & Red Mountain (Flagstaff Ranger District)

Sunset Trail to Mount Elden's Summit (Flagstaff Ranger District)

Bill Williams Mountain Trail (Kaibab National Forest)


Kendrick Mountain Trail (Kaibab National Forest)

Sycamore Canyon Rim Loop (Kaibab National Forest)

Pipeline Canyon Trail (Lake Pleasant Regional Park)

Lookout Mountain Summit-Full Moon Hike & Picnic (Lookout Mountain)

Barnhardt Trail (Mazatzal Wilderness)

Dixie Mine Trail (McDowell Mountain Regional Park)

Dixie Mine Trail 2 Thompson Peak (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

Gateway Loop (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

Gateway TH 2 Inspiration Viewpoint (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

Lost Dog Wash TH 2 Sunrise Peak (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

Lost Dog Wash TH 2 Taliesin Outlook 2 Quartz Outcropping (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

McDowell Loop (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

Sunrise Peak (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

Sunrise TH 2 Sunrise Peak 2 Quartz Outcropping 2 Quartz TH (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

Tom's Thumb Loop (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)


Tom's Thumb Trail to The Thumb (McDowell Sonoran Preserve)

Brown's Ranch 2 Brown's Mountain Summit (McDowell Sonoran Preserve - North)

Brown's Ranch TH 2 Cathedral Rock & Amphitheater & Balanced Rock (McDowell Sonoran Preserve - North)

Brown's Ranch TH 2 Cathedral Rock & Amphitheater (McDowell Sonoran Preserve - North)

Granite Mountain Trailhead 2 Balanced Rock (McDowell Sonoran Preserve - North)

Butcher Jones Trail (Saguaro Lake) Mesa Ranger District

North Mountain National Trail 2 Summit (North Mountain Park)

North Mountain National Trail#44 2 Summit - Full Moon Hike & Picnic (North Mountain Park)

Shaw Butte Trail (North Mountain Park)

Shaw Butte Trail-Full Moon Hike & Picnic @ Cloud 9 (North Mountain Park)

“THE BOX” @ Christopher Creek Canyon (Destination Water Hike) Payson Ranger District


Fossil Springs Trail (Destination Water Hike) Payson Ranger District

Horton Creek Trail (Payson Ranger District)

Piestewa Peak (Phoenix Mountains Recreation Area)

Piestewa Peak Circumference Trail (Phoenix Mountains Recreation Area)

Quartz Ridge Trail (Phoenix Mountains Recreation Area)

Apache Wash Loop (Phoenix Sonoran Preserve - North)

Dixie Mountain Loop 2 Western Vista (Phoenix Sonoran Preserve - South)

Union Peak (Phoenix Sonoran Preserve - South)

Pinnacle Peak (Pinnacle Peak Park)

Groom Creek Loop (Prescott National Forest)

Woodchute Trail (Prescott National Forest)

Bell Trail 2 the Crack-Wet Beaver Creek (Destination Water Hike) Red Rock Ranger District

Boynton Canyon Trail (Red Rock Ranger District)


Devil's Bridge (via the Chuck Wagon Trail) Red Rock Ranger District

'Hot Loop' Trail (Red Rock Ranger District)

North Wilson Mountain Trail (Red Rock Ranger District)

Parson's Spring at Sycamore Canyon (Destination Water Hike) Red Rock Ranger District

Soldier Pass Trail/Brins Mesa Trail (Loop) Red Rock Ranger District


Sterling Pass Trail to Vultee Arch (Red Rock Ranger District)

Turkey Creek Trail (Red Rock Ranger District)

West Fork of Oak Creek Trail (Red Rock Ranger District)

Blackett's Ridge (Sabino Canyon Recreation Area)

Hutch's Pool (Sabino Canyon Recreation Area)

Seven Falls (Sabino Canyon Recreation Area)

Goldmine Mountain Loop (San Tan Mountain Regional Park)

Butterfly Trail (Santa Catalina Mountains)

Summerhaven Loop - Mount Lemmon (Santa Catalina Mountains)

Alta Trail West 2 Alta Trail East (South Mountain)

Hidden Valley Trail (Fat Man's Pass) via Buena Vista Lookout (South Mountain)


Hidden Valley Trail (Fat Man's Pass) via the Mormon Trail South Mountain

Holbert Trail 2 Gila Valley Lookout 2 Dobbins Lookout South Mountain

Las Lomitas Loop Trail 2 Ranger Trail 2 National Trail 2 The Summit South Mountain

National Trail South Mountain

National Trail 'Highlight Hike' South Mountain

Pyramid Trail 2 National Trail 2 Telegraph Pass Trail South Mountain

Elephant Mountain Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area

Bluff Spring Trail/Dutchman Trail Loop Superstition Wilderness

La Barge Lower Box Loop (via Canyon Lake Marina) Superstition Wilderness

Massacre Falls Superstition Wilderness


Peralta Canyon Trail to Fremont Saddle Superstition Wilderness


Siphon Draw 2 FlatIron Superstition Wilderness

Treasure Loop 2 Praying Hands/Green Boulder Superstition Wilderness

Pass Mountain Trail Usery Mountain Regional Park

Wind Cave Trail Usery Mountain Regional Park

Cibecue Canyon (Destination Water Hike) White Mountain Apache Reservation

Ford Canyon/Willow Canyon/Mesquite Canyon Loop White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Goat Camp Trail/Mesquite Canyon Trail White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Mesquite Canyon-Willow Canyon Loop White Tank Mountain Regional Park

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