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We are so grateful you have found us! There is no time like the present to join in Unity Consciousness & prepare for this great shift into the Golden Age!

This group and the events that will be following are for reaching higher states of consciousness, supporting humans and each other as we make this make this major shift in consciousness. We are building real community here

These events are held at "Casa Oneness" a center dedicated to creating community and Oneness for all and also all over the valley. We also hold events in different parts of the state. We love for you to attend any our events and looking forward sharing this amazing new meditations and practices.

Upcoming events (2)

Happiness Meditation for Peace and Unity an Online Event !!!

Needs a location

Join us for a special evening of Meditations and connection.

The Happiness Meditation is a powerful transmission of energy during a closed eye meditation that can induce Awakened States.

You will also experience a very special blessing/deeksha that will help you connect with your personal divine.

Join Zoom Meeting: click on link below to join at that time.

The Happiness Meditation produces the following benefits:

Improved health
Auspicious events and occurences that contribute to health, wealth, relationships
Family members and friends also benefit


Peak State Mediation

Needs a location

Join us for a special evening of Peak State Meditation

The Peak State Meditation. A Peak State is a very high state of our founders, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan's, and it includes cosmic consciousness, enlightened consciousness, etc.

A peak state is a state where there is not thoughts, no interface from the mind and you feel joy and peace. The state could express itself as silence, joy, rolling on the ground, no thoughts are interfering. The length varies from person to person.

Click on this link to join and select Wednesday Peak State Meditation.


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Supreme light of Supreme Love Meditation.

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