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Welcome to all! I am not at all happy with the Meetup app, so please bear with me.

Smule is an App for your mobile device. There is a free version and a VIP version. I paid $45 for a years VIP subscription which is almost what I spend for one night of singing at a Karaoke bar. Members have access to thousands and thousands of songs in every genre. All songs on Smule are divided into Duet parts.

What is required for Smule and this meetup group? You will need a free or VIP Smule account and headset with microphone. Smule works on any IOs mobile device (Apple) and Android device. (Not gonna lie, Android devices struggle with the live jamming interface. Smule is working on it...) Smule will use WIFI or Cellular data (which can add up quickly so beware or just use when you have WIFI.

The 3 main things you can do on Smule:

1) Create an Open Call song (an 'OC'): You pick a song you want to sing and record yourself singing one of the 2 parts, video is optional, then upload it for the world to see!

2) Answer an Open Call (do a 'Join'): Find a song you like, preview OC's and then do the 2nd part of the duet, video is optional, then upload it for the world to see!

When you finish recording, you can preview your song, make a few adjustments and then submit it for the world to see and enjoy. If either the Originator or the Joiner doesn't like it, it can be deleted and then its gone everywhere forever.

3) Live Jam: Basically a live video feed chat room. Each room is 'Hosted' and guests enter the room and enter a queue to await your turn to sing with the host. Participants in the room can type chat as the host and his guest sing.


1) If this is an App I do online, why do I want to join a Smule Meetup?

I have been Smuling for 3 months, so I am totally new to this. I now have friends all over the world that I sing with all the time. I have met 2 of them in real life when I let them know I was traveling and we met in Huntington Beach CA for a day. We had a blast, doing OC's and live jams on the beach, on the pier and in the restaurant. Its hard to explain how great it was to meet these people in real life. This short 'meetup' inspired our group to organize a trip to NY to meetup with 10 Smulers in August. We will be attending a Jimmy Buffet concert and sing our brains out, if we get through the laughing and silliness that this group seems to generate. This is what brings me to the inspiration of doing an Arizona meetup. Singing brings people together, when its all virtual, there is something missing. Meeting people in real life makes it real and thats what the purpose of the group is.

2) What will we do when we have a meetup?

We can do OC's and joins as a group, or in groups, Invade live jams and cause general havoc and laugh until we can't even sing...visit with your new found friends to encourage in singing and sometimes in life.

3) I can sing at a Karaoke Bar, why Smule?

Ill be honest with you, I'm old.. I don't start my nights at 9pm when most bars start karaoke. I can sing on Smule 24/7. If I go to bar, I might sing 2-3 songs in an evening (assuming you want to be heard by more than 1 or 2 people somewhere there is a crowd) I can sing 15 songs in the same time on Smule. When I do an OC on Smule, it is sent to all my 'followers' of which I currently have 438. They can join my OC or ignore it, w/e they wish to do. I follow 260 people on the app so I receive all the invites from those I like to sing with and if I want, I join them singing their songs.

4) What if I don't like singing with other people? Smule is an interactive singing app. You can do solos if thats your thing, but your probably the only one that is going to listen to your stuff. Sounds like a lonely existence to me and pretty much not what the app is all about

There is no way to cover what Smule is unless you try it. Please download and try it out. Its kind of a prerequisite to our group. If you like it, I think this a group for you. You can watch smule recordings on a desktop but you can't do any of the interaction on one.

Here is a recent 'join' I did with someone I have never met:

a) go to Smule.com

b) in search line type DrRug AND Obtriceratopz

Hopefully this works. Please feel free to post questions here on the Meetup discussion page and there are no dumb questions. (Although I might make an occasional dumb response...)

I am sure there are lots of questions and if I don't know the answer, I'll find it. Please look me up on Smule and send me a message so we can follow each other! As soon as we get some questions answered and make sure we are all up on what Smule is, we can plan a meeting for real life!

I hope some of this info has helped those of your questions about Smule. If you are already a Smule member, send me an invite and lets sing together!!!


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