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Cleansing, Healing and Transformation with Divine Mother

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In our world today the masculine and feminine energy are not balanced. There is a true need for the energy of the divine mother that bestows upon us "beingness", surrender, intuition, patience, nurturing, nourishment, creativity, gentleness and receptivity.

The Divine Mother has always been revered as the sustaining soul and force of the universe. Although some of the faces that she wears are well known - Kali, the Mother Mary, Isis, for example - many of her embodied forms have chosen to work quietly in the world.

In turbulent times such as these, several incarnations of the Divine Mother move among us, each with her particular task of healing, or protection, or transformation.
One of the most widely revered and loved of these Avatars of the Divine Mother is Mother Meera. Join us this friday as we receive the light of the source through this beautiful and powerful divine mother.

We will be doing a long distance darshan with Mother Meera, and receiving the free transmission of Light, Love and Grace which is Mother’s Meera gift to the world.

This is a free event and donations are accepted.

If you have any questions: 928-300-9580 /