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Lexington Mini-Bridge

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Baystate Bridge Parties wants to attract talented new card players to its own membership. This unusual joint event with them takes only a few players, who with very little effort, over the course of one pleasant, social evening of competitive card play, will actually


There is a trick here, of course (pun intended :-). Before you can call yourself a real contract bridge player, you must spend some time learning to BID properly. But before you do that, first learn this game...

• Mini-bridge is a close modern variation of Contract Bridge. Both have identical rules of PLAY. If you like cards and puzzles, you will really like its rules, because "the dummy" is a novel, empowering feature.

• Mini-bridge makes only one rule change , but it makes this exciting new game so much easier to start playing that it is now regularly taught kids in grammar schools as a way to learn problem solving.

Mini-bridge defines a simpler way to BID for the trump suit and contract, which takes only about a minute to learn. The PLAY of each hand is unaltered and challenging. For more details, click both links above. Then sign up to play with us