12 links of causes and conditions by Ven. Changhwa Fashi

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The twelve links of conditioned arising (nidanas), a Buddhist explanation of the cycle of birth and death. It also provides a basis for contemplating causes and conditions, one of the five methods of stilling the mind.
Each step of the twelve links is the consequence of the preceding step. The twelve links can be viewed as a sequence of causes and consequences, but causes and consequences are themselves based on causes and conditions.
The twelve links are: (1) fundamental ignorance, (2) action, (3) consciousness, (4) name-and-form, (5) the six sense faculties, (6) contact, (7) sensation, (8) desire, (9) grasping, (10) coming into existence, (11) birth, and (12) old age and death. This sequence, or process, connects one cycle of birth and death to the next. Moreover, the twelve links can be divided into three karmic periods. The first three links refer to one’ s past life; the next seven refer to one’ s present life; and the final two refer to one’s future life.
Please join us as we welcome Venerable Chanhwa Fashi to our Arlington Meditation Group for a Dharma Talk.
Venerable Changhwa is the Director of Chan Meditation Center in New York. . In addition to her current position as Director, she gives public lectures and leads meditation programs. Venerable Changhwa holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.