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Rekindling a love of creation with Ruby and Raspberry Pi

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Rekindling a love of creation with Ruby and Raspberry Pi


Does your life and work as a software developer ever leave you feeling depleted? Have you lost your inspiration to create? Do you want to share your love of software and design with your children but don't know how? Well, fortunately if you already know Ruby it is a short leap to building physical devices with the Raspberry pi! This talk will give a detailed explanation on how to get started on the Pi with Ruby, and outline a few fun projects you can build with your children (or just yourself) to explore your love of software and hardware. This talk will also cover basic electronics (don't be scared of the breadboard), and show you how to build a whoopie cushion prank with some paper plates and your Pi. Leave feeling inspired to create something fun!

Colleen is the owner of Bitmapped Designs, a full-stack web development company specializing in Ruby on Rails. She switches codebases frequently, and has seen all sorts of interesting problems and code styles. She lives at the beach, and tries valiantly to squeeze in time for weightlifting. She used to have a thoughtful and eclectic list of hobbies that made her sound worldly and impressive, but she replaced them with three children.

She can be found on twitter at @leenyburger.

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