Concurrency and the Actor Model


UPDATE: We are postponing this event to Wednesday, April 8th in an effort to encourage folks to stay safe as we learn more about COVID-19 in the DMV area. Sorry for the postponement, but we look forward to seeing you next time!


Just because "Ruby" is in the name, doesn't mean we all do Ruby all day, every day. Lets expand our programming-world view with a little Elixir.

This will be a simple introduction to the concepts of concurrency, the actor model, and elixir concurrency primitives. It introduces concurrency; it offers the actor model as one solution; it reviews how to get started with Elixir primitives.

I know what you're thinking. Don't worry, we won't discuss OTP.

Beginners welcome, the target audience is developers new to the actor model.

Hugo Estrada is a long time Arlington Ruby member, and can be found on twitter at @hugoestr