Journey to Serverless


Serverless applications abstract the concept of servers completely and do not require you to provision, scale and manage your servers which increased agility and lower total cost of ownership. However, this comes with other hidden challenges. In this session we will walk through FINRA’s enterprise serverless journey to support tracking of user behavior and system events across any enterprise system by leveraging AWS services like Lambda, API gateway, Elasticsearch, Kinesis data stream, SNS and SQS. We will go over best practices and lessons learnt in our journey.

We will cover a few key concepts like:
• Deploying severless application and systems to communicate events using AWS managed services
• Architecture - Asynchronous, decoupled and AWS managed
• Strategies to handle Lambda cold startup times
• Mitigating Lambda Concurrency Limits
• Deployment practices
• Managing shared code using Layers

Presented by Brijesh Patel and Bindu Katragadda

Brijesh is a software developer with over 4 years of experience in designing and developing applications and tools for CI/CD DevOps automation using various AWS services.

Bindu is a Senior Application Engineer at FINRA responsible for continuous integration and delivery of applications. She has started her Devops journey at FINRA in 2012 as a Configuration Manager and seen technology evolve over the years from in house applications to cloud and now serverless.