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Bitcoin: An Insider's Guide

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Bitcoin: An Insider's Guide

• You’re excited about Bitcoin, you know it’s not going away.

• You’ve read a lot about it, but there is a lot you still don’t understand.

• You want a deep dive into Bitcoin and a new way of capitalizing on new cryptocurrency products, services, and markets.


• How the blockchain works.

• Why it is a breakthrough.

• Why is it misunderstood.

• What it means for you.

• You’ll understand the cryptography terms hash, elliptical curve, proof-of-work, but you won’t learn the math, and you won’t need to.

• You’ll learn about digital keys, Bitcoin addresses, and digital signatures.

• You’ll learn just how big the cryptocurrency space is and why you’ll cannot guess a private key, ever.

• You’ll learn how to send and receive bitcoins.

• You’ll learn who’s a good guy, who’s confused, and whose trying to destroy Bitcoin.

• You’ll learn why the Bitcoin constituents are always fighting about something (and why that’s a good thing).

• You’ll the state of mining at the present time.

• How to mine with CPU, GPU, and ASIC and if any of it makes sense for you.

• How to apply the law of accelerating returns to determine what is a good investment.

• The shocking truth about online Bitcoin wallets.You’ll learn how to set up online payment buttons and a payment card for taking bitcoin payments.

• How you can make your own Bitcoin wallet by hand.You’ll learn why most wallets are unsafe.

• You’ll learn the 3 best ways to secure your bitcoin.

• You’ll learn who to trust.

• You’ll learn the reason there are so few good wallets on the market.

• You’ll learn how to choose a Bitcoin wallet and why some are free and why others cost $300.

• You’ll learn why it’s hard to find a Bitcoin wallet in stock.

• You’ll learn the strange way the old-time Bitcoiners are storing their wealth and why they do it that way.

• You’ll learn the reason there are so many altcoins and their history, purpose, and weaknesses

• You’ll get a handle on the altcoin craze.You’ll discover how easy it is to launch your own altcoin (ICO) and whether it makes sense for your organization.

• You’ll learn where we are on the Bitcoin adoption curve, where we’ve been, and where we are going.

• You’ll learn the prospects for Bitcoin’s future price and you may not believe it, but the reasoning and extrapolation will open your eyes to the past, the present, and the future.

This is a FREE event, so come and join us. The host has cleared room so we can have more people attend. I will limit this Meet Up to the first 70 people to register.

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6:30 to 7:00 Networking

7:00 to 7:15 Introductions, and Discussion.

7:15 to 8:15 Presentation

8:15 - 8:45 - Q&A

The seating space is limited at the new location so you need to get there early to guarantee a seat. There is standing room for overflow.

PARKING INFO: There is free onsite parking

About Tony Cecala:

Tony Cecala has been a technologist for over 30 years. He is usually at the forefront of emerging trends. As Yale’s first software librarian he curated a collection of free “shareware” software. As one of the first Apple evangelists, he co-developed the Yale Macintosh User Group. As a community organizer for the open software, WordPress, he organizes the DFW WordPress Group, with over 2800 members.

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