What we're about

There is a surprising amount of things to do in and around Columbus, but once you get home from a long day (or week) of work, it's hard to conjure up the effort to get out and do them.

This group aims to take off some of the headache in finding interesting and intriguing happenings in our fair city. And, as with all MeetUp groups, you can do them in the company of some like-minded people and make some new acquaintances.

Some Info You'll Need to Know

We'll have events during the day and evening, on weekends and weeknights
But we'll only have one (two, at most) event per week
We'll do things in Columbus but will also explore events in the suburbs and surrounding areas

We'll keep things interesting and out of the ordinary (or try very hard to do so)
You won't be inundated with notices from this group; as written above, the schedule will be pretty light

The goal is to keep things laid back and pleasant

So check out the group, especially if you're new to Columbus or just don't remember how many cool opportunities there are here. Looking forward to meeting all of you and seeing you around town.

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