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*** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the setup and venue requirements to host one of these fun ArrowTag games, at this time, we are currently only having one or two Meetup/public games per year.

We are however providing Arrow-Tag Games for private Group Reservations where we can be sure we have a guaranteed group of participants to warrant all the effort that goes into hosting these events. If you can round up from 10 — 24 or more friends, family members, co-workers, business associates or other players to join you, we will set up a special ArrowTag game specifically for your group. We’ve done private ArrowTag games for: Birthday Celebrations, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Family Gatherings, Sports Groups, Motivational Retreats, Corporate Retreats, Business Professional Events, Camps & other Special Occasions. For more information, please visit our Website at: http://www.moonbowarchery.com


Want to try something Completely Different in Archery?


ArrowTag is is a fun game of stealth, strategy and precision that will draw on all your wits and Natural Survival Instincts. It is one of the fastest growing sports world-wide and the great thing is anyone can play! Both female and male players find this game equally challenging and rewarding! No prior archery experience or special athletic skills are needed.

While playing ArrowTag you will burn calories, get a great cardio workout and an adrenaline rush, all in one. A lot of ArrowTag players report that the game gives them a present-moment experience where you completely forget everything else except to be fully in the game. This by itself helps reduce tension and makes for wonderful stress relief!!!

Painless and mess free, ArrowTag is intense enough for thrill seekers and safe enough for anyone to play! We use specially engineered archery equipment that allows us to shoot very safe, foam-tipped, rubber latex coated arrows at the opposing players, who may choose to shoot back at us or seek the cover of our strategically placed bunkers. There is nothing that draws on a deep aspect of our primal nature like shooting an arrow at another person while others are shooting back at you!

If you want to experience ArrowTag we welcome you to join us at any of our upcoming games..... and be sure to invite a few friends to join you! We will quickly teach you everything you need to know. We start with a short introduction of our specialized archery equipment, followed by a practice session then ~ 60 minutes of play time. The whole event lasts ~ 90 minutes. (For ages 11 and up).

Please help us spread the word by "Liking Us" on FB and Sharing with your friends: https://www.facebook.com/moonbowarchery/ (https://www.facebook.com/moonbowarchery/)














Our motto is: Aim from the Heart — Aim For Fun!

Our weekly indoor Archery Open Shoot sessions on Wednesday evenings & Saturday mornings are a great opportunity to build your archery skills, relax into your center, improve focus and concentration, shed stress and do lots of fun target practice with a great group of supportive people from all levels of archery experience. Beginners are welcome and have an opportunity to glean helpful archery tips from our regular group of archers & Ashland's recognized top Archery Instructor!

Hope to see you there! Be sure to RSVP before you come & bring some friends or family members to shoot with you. We welcome paying guests! Note: not everyone rsvp’s so you won’t be alone if you don’t see anyone else signed up. The Meetup head count usually doesn’t reflect the actual # of participants. We always have a core group of regular archers to shoot with you!

Check out our website at: http://www.moonbowarchery.com (http://www.moonbowarchery.com/)

Please help us spread the word by "Liking Us" on FB and Sharing with your friends: https://www.facebook.com/moonbowarchery/ (https://www.meetup.com/Ashland-Archery-Open-Shoot-Meetup/)

Be sure to arrive on time to register & get your gear before the session starts! There is a short safety/use of equipment orientation for newcomers!

We have plenty of archery equipment for rent if you don’t have your own gear (it's ok to bring your own bow and arrows – bows must be under 35 lbs draw weight! No broad head arrows please.)

Each participant is responsible to set up their own target and put away their target, retrieve all their arrows (including any that go into the wall :-) and equipment before they leave.

Payment Options:

* Cash is preferred. Please pay at the door.

* There is a $4 rental fee for archery equipment.

*NOTE: Multiple session purchase can be used at any of our weekly Open Shoot Sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings:

Shoot 4x - $48 *(You Save 33%)

Shoot 3x - $42 *(You Save 22%)

Shoot 2x - $32 *(You Save 10%)

*Drop in rate – $18 per person

Be sure to RSVP if you are coming and bring a friend or two to shoot with you!


Lloyd Canty

US Archery Level 2 Instructor




Please help us spread the word by "Liking Us" on FB and Sharing with your friends: https://www.facebook.com/moonbowarchery/ (https://www.facebook.com/moonbowarchery/)

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