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Gallery at Design Garage on 8th AVE in Denver, CO started this meetup to support their artists and promote their talents.

The Meetup grew to over 300 members. The artists at the Gallery at Design Garage decided to give the meetup over to the members. So the Meetup recruited for new organizers. As members, interested in creating communities of artists, Anjuli and I stepped up to be organizers in November 2016.

Our goal is to continue to create a meetup for all of us who are artists to post our upcoming art events. If you have an art event to post click on +Schedule A New Meetup.

Come to all our events. Welcome new members and comment a lot. Tell a little about yourself. Post your art in our gallery. Offer art advice and art related tips. That's how we will get to know each other. That's how we begin to feel part of the art, artists and community network.

Encourage your art friends to join this meetup so that we'll all benefit from each others contacts. This is how we will be growing the reach for each other's ART events.

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