What we're about

This group brings together people who are interested in the arts but who don’t insist on seeing everything through the lens of politics.

A typical meeting will consist of a 45-50 min. presentation pitched roughly at the level of a college intro class, followed by Q&A and discussion, followed by socializing, for a total of up to three hours. (You may leave whenever you wish!)

With each topic, we will spend some time talking about ideas and history. We won’t, however, assume that everybody shares the same political beliefs. Some works of art do indeed have a political dimension, and when that is the case we will address it. But we will avoid judging literature, painting, film, etc. in terms of how well it serves a partisan agenda.

Possible topics:

Film Noir
Literature of World War I
Theater Behind the Scenes
Outsider Art
The Cult of Shakespeare
“Abstraction” in Painting
Monstrosities of Post-Modern Architecture
Ghost Stories
Screwball Comedy
Romanticism in the Arts

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Film Noir


FILM NOIR "Dark" American movies of the 1940s and beyond PowerPoint presentation by Steven Leo What to expect? • General info: definition (or attempt at such), background, overview • Commentary that may at times question the conventional wisdom • Flashes of humor 5:30-6:00 pm people arrive 6:00-6:45 presentation 6:45-7:00 Q&A 7:00-8:00 dining & conversation Please consider staying to eat with the group. You can order from a Southdale Center restaurant and have them deliver at 7:00, or bring your own food & drink. No alcohol.

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