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You're a knowledge explorer; a curious mind; a believer in skeptical enquiry. You observe, absorb, digest, question and formulate new questions so that you can start the cycle all over again. You love Art. You also love Science. You believe that the intersection between the two will somehow bring us closer to understanding human behaviour. You're as curious about your idiosyncratic self as you are about human nature and general rules of behaviour. You like attending science conferences, going to music gigs and theatre plays, exploring art exhibitions, having reading discussions, creating experiments, engaging in debates. If you're all of this or some of this, then this meetup is for you.

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Choose one song of your liking whose lyrics reveal some deeper truth about human nature, relationships, society or another subject you find important. Bring it and share your views on it with others. Let's make music talk. Date and location to be added later (if you have any suggestions, please comment below).

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