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My work explores my personal journey of being born in Honduras, consistently moving throughout Latin America while growing up, and eventually settling in the United States at the age of eighteen on my own. The process of assimilation is at the root of my research as my new found independence was partnered with a cultural shift which forced me to reassess my values, capabilities, and self-identity. As such, I focus on the sociocultural implications of immigration through my multimedia paintings.

My process, similar to the path towards self-awareness and growth, is composed of multiple layers. Working off of the primary colors, I seek to create unique color combinations that best reflect the emotions of a specific period in time, while at the same time stay true to my Latin American background which stems from a vivid, warm, and colorful culture. These layers of acrylic come together with non-traditional materials on large canvases to form the narrative of a life lesson or realization which I extracted while growing through challenges related to living through the lenses of two cultures, gender, immigration, and self-identity

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