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A group created for those who live with psychic ability. This group can help those who are sensitive and feel different from the general population. I envision a place where we all feel at home, and can support each other and our hopes, fears, desires as we walk our path on this planet, with heightened mediumship or psychic abilities.

A group for those who want to share, support, learn, laugh, and create a community of loving support for those who work or live with psychic ability, intuitive dreams, mediumship capabilities, and/or a simple overall desire to be and live in a place of spirituality. In other words, let's meet and speak the same language as fellow lightworkers. I am a liberal Christian, open to all non violent and loving belief systems that create no harm. I work with angels, reiki, manifestation, metaphysics, and read angel and tarot cards. I would love to create a safe and loving environment for us all to meet and support each other in this lifestyle.

I am a healer and lightworker and I am not beginning this group as a business venture. It be a non-profit group. I am looking to share this time wtih other healers and lightworkers, and support each other in caring environment.

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Kundalini Meditation to cope with the global shifts

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Reiki III Master level

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Spiritual Writing as an Act of Peace

Art and Soul, Visual and Healing Arts

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