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We use Art + Technology as enabler of social innovation. We provide different kind of activities like creative workshops, discussion tables, exhibitions, etc.
It is meant for the high-tech professional, designer and artists; and any other English spoken professional with minimum knowledge of technology.

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Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2019

Albert van Abbehuis

You are kindly invited to this adventurous survival of creative minds, and indulge into the extravagant experiments and daring prototyping as developed by teams of artists, engineers, designers, architects, hackers, students, developers, startups… Register here: http://www.sciencehackdayeindhoven.nl Challenges are related to the future work, food provision and living In the last two decades, our society has been greatly changed by digital technologies on all areas of our lives. Following this path and with the introduction of artificial intelligence, many experts say that we are entering a new transformational age that they called “the fourth industrial revolution”. So, it is expected that these changes will be more dramatic in the near future. So for this new reality, we need new type of professional functions, work-schemas, food provision and living conditions, which matches will all these changes and do not harm the environment. In this event, you need to imagine the future, identify a challenge or opportunity and find an innovative solution. Participate Grab your stuff, put your phone on silent and join the gang! Please register via Eventbrite so we can order some/just enough delicious lunches and dinner for you! Oh and also, we have money prizes for the winning teams. And a professional jury! Read all about it and bring your friends. Register here: http://www.sciencehackdayeindhoven.nl Looking forward to seeing you there !!

Human Competences that Artificial Intelligence can not replace

Needs a location


ABOUT THE WORKSHOP During the workshop you will be introduced to a new "Human Civilization Time Line" We will explore together on human competences that A.I. and Automation can not replace. We will play a game on survival and competition among species. With a futurist sight we will discuss on how our society will change and the opportunity that 4.0 Technology is given to human kind: which chances and options have the human species in competition with the new techno-species. Teams will design civilization development strategies and challenge each other assumptions and expected outcomes. At the end we will learn about a particular kind of knowledge that can not be acquired by reading, watching images, or measuring. TAKE AWAY: 3 things you can do in order to enhance your creativity. STARTING TIME: 18:00. the workshop will last for 3 hours. ABOUT LUIS DANIEL MALDONADO FONKEN (THE FACILITATOR) Luis has 26 years experience in private research and development (multidisciplinary and nature inspired) applied to human capital effectiveness, leadership and sustainable development. Founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute in the Netherlands, and owner of the 4.0 start up MQ9S [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V. www.mq9.nl (V.R., A.I. e-Games and B.I. applications for Human Capital & Innovation Driven Leadership) Research & Development (Innovation 4.0) by utilizing new mathematic system and nature inspired algorithm design methods. Developed a new circular economy knowledge applied to human capital; and new methodology for SDG Compliance Assessment. Luis has also explored on nature, arts and education since 1993. Developed an innovative methodology that helps leaders be more effective at innovation, creativity, health prevention, research, gender equity, inclusivity, circularity. CERTIFICATES Attendance Certificate by the Matrix-Q Research Institute GIFT Attendees that complete the workshop will receive Matrix-Q Tokens and codes for online e-Tests.

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