What we're about

This is a book club of a different color. It is a supportive community for anyone interested in getting in touch with their own creativity. Many of us sense we are more creative, but unable to effectively tap that creativity. Our dreams may elude us. Our lives feel somehow flat. Often, we have great ideas, wonderful dreams, but are unable to actualize them for ourselves.

Over the course of twelve weeks (a total of six biweekly meetups), we will discuss and work our way through the international bestseller, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. While there is no quick fix, the vulnerable process of creative recovery can be a fun and bonding experience. The goal is to establish a guided, safe, creative circle that will support us all as we uncover our true nature from variety of blocks and take steps towards accepting ourselves as creative beings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to message me if a question is not addressed. I may not respond immediately, but I will do my best to get back to you when I can.

1. I am unfamiliar with The Artist’s Way. Can I get more information?

There is a lot of information on the internet about the book’s philosophy. The author, Julia Cameron, encourages the use of her book in groups and even provides some guidelines in her book and on her website if you’re interested (see link below). At the same time, I’m sure the group will naturally develop its own personality and approach. I want to emphasize this is just for fun!


* I do not plan on writing a group song, but if that suits your fancy, go for it.

2. But I’m not an artist!

I hear you, and although it may be hard to believe but you are. This is the point of this group. Trust me, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to start, and a caring, supportive community can make a world of difference. All skill levels and forms of artistic expression are welcome. If you’re a beginner, allow yourself to be one. As I like to tell my students, creativity flourishes in new experiences and environments, so have the courage to follow your curiosity!

3. What if the group is full? Is there a wait list?

I apologize if this happens. There is limited space, and I believe keeping the size around 6-10 members is important.

I'm sure there will be at least a few "no shows" or cancellations, so feel free to join the waitlist. MeetUp's waitlist policy: "Waitlists are automatically enabled for Meetup events that have a set attendee limit and do not have an event fee. If spots open up, members are automatically RSVP'd to the event in the order that they joined the waitlist. Members will receive a notification if they are moved from the waitlist to 'attending'."

4. Is this group religious or spiritual in nature?

I encourage you to research the book’s philosophy if you want to know more. As the host, I only require that respect and compassion are afforded equally to every member. The rest is up to you.

7. BUT…. !?!

If you are looking for reasons to not come, identify it as fear and join anyway. The hardest step is showing up, and I genuinely hope you do!

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