What we're about

A group for aspiring artists and creatives, living near Bristol, England, who are working in the visual arts, (particularly painting). We are each developing a thoughtful, explorative practice through sharing, discussion and possibly collaboration with others. We form a positive, supportive, encouraging, friendly and fun community who help each other develop their individual styles.

Has lockdown given you the opportunity to start or re-kindle a creative practice that you want to build on? If so, this could be the group for you.

We're about:

o Having a go! - it is for people who actually create stuff, not just talk about doing it.
o Letting go: Giving ourselves the freedom to reach our creative potential.
o Experimenting and learning from the results.
o Developing a regular practice
o Developing a style to call your own
o Producing individualistic work you are proud of, within your technical ability.
o Thinking about, sharing and discussing what you are doing and why you are doing it.
o And perhaps above all, playing and having fun!

The group is NOT about showing off your ability to produce highly realistic representative pictures! If you are striving to paint the perfect realistic landscape, portrait or vase of flowers, this is probably not the group for you. For us, devoting time, an enquiring mind, some persistence, and a desire to express something of ourselves is more important than representational artistic talent. (In other words, if you think you can't draw, that isn't be a barrier if you can find other ways to express yourself creatively with paint or other media.)

Similarly, if you want tuition, there are plenty of teachers around elsewhere - but the idea of this group is more of a friendly self-help group to help foster each other's own style and technique. We're all learning!

Exactly how the group coalesces and develops will depend on those who take part. Possible activities include:

• Art talk: Either virtual or IRL - these come in different styles such as:
○ Show and Tell - everyone shares a piece of recent work for the group to discuss
○ Topic based - related to art, technique, theory, practise, creative process...
○ Open/social - make it up as we go along. Share whatever's on our mind.

• Virtual art days: Commit to a day of creativity. Start with a 30 min Zoom call sharing your objectives for the day. Share midday results and chat over lunch. Final Zoom get together at the end of the day to discuss how we got on, show results and share positive feedback and constructive suggestions. A commitment to a date with others forces us to make time in our diaries!

• Visiting art exhibitions

The group will always run on a not-for-profit basis. I'll ask regular attendees for occasional donations to help share costs.

Upcoming events (3)

Discussion - The Elements of Art 1: Line

Westbury on Trym

The next event in our thread of discussions about art, and the first in what I hope will be a series which Sarah is creating on the elements of art.

We will meet in my house in Westbury on Trym. (Address will be shared with attendees nearer the event.)

There are commonly understood to be 7 elements of art: line, shape, form, value, space, colour and texture. In this discussion we will consider the use of line in the visual arts with a view to looking at other elements in the future.

1) Look at the videos and read the blogs below on the theory of line.
2) Watch the short videos that describe how artists have used line in their practice.
3) Bring with you one or more pieces of your own work which give examples of how you use "line" in your own practice.

In our discussion we'll consider the ways artists use line in their work. What is the role of line in planning, design, expression and conveying meaning within a painting or artwork? In what ways have modern artists extended the use of the line? We'll then look at our own work and ask the same questions.

Theory of line:
https://youtu.be/XXsW4xlGKGI (8 mins)

Artists and line:
Durer https://youtu.be/4mCdq2sP5lk 4 mins
Cezanne https://youtu.be/TxKKivpeNmM 3 mins
Munch https://youtu.be/E5-MMV6CdVQ 3 mins
Turner https://youtu.be/Wce-7Mw0mtc 5 mins
Gaudier Brzeska’s sketchbook https://youtu.be/Aq1XNfyAay4 4 mins
Picasso https://youtu.be/OrPwBPwqI3Y 4 mins
Bridget Riley https://youtu.be/2K-YCw9X_mU 10 mins
Agnes Martin https://youtu.be/902YXjchQsk 7 mins
Piet Mondrian https://youtu.be/1x8m-7N-Kjo 3 mins
Jackson pollock https://youtu.be/EncR_T0faKM 4 mins
Franz Kline https://youtu.be/xyTxrbsfLpg 3 mins

I'll provide tea/coffee. Feel free to bring other drinks and nibbles to share if you wish.

Looking forward to another interesting, fun and thought provoking discussion.

Street Art with Coffee & Cake in Weston super Mare

Olea Restaurant 14 S Parade, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1JN

There is a lot of impressive street art in WsM Town centre, ranging from small ones in the style of Banksy through to huge murals covering the sides of buildings. I counted 18 in total.
There are many different styles as well as sizes.
All are within easy walking distance of the High Street, in fact at least one is in the High Street.
There is usually an exhibition of local art within the Shopping Centre but, as with everything, this comes and goes.
Let's meet at the restaurant at 11.00 am grab a coffee, then go and see the art (approx 45 mins) and then back to the restaurant for more coffee and cake or lunch.
Park either at the Shopping Centre Car Park or at Tesco (3 hours free with a small purchase) or on road nearby.
Look forward to seeing you.

Virtual art day

Online event

A day for you to do some art work, in the virtual company of others.

Sometimes it is hard to give ourselves the time for art. Here's a fun, social way that might help.

Give yourself a day for your art - and commit to doing so with others. Don't drop out! We'll miss you! Book it in your diary and stick to it.

Please note: Our events are popular and have limited places. If you sign up but don't attend, or cancel close to the start, you may be barred from future events.

What you do during the day is up to you. Come prepared with an idea, or a piece you want to continue with. Let the date encourage you to decide what you want to achieve.

9:30 Zoom chat to say hello to your fellow artists, sharing your plans for the day

10:00 Work independently

13:00 Zoom chat over lunch, sharing what we've done so far. Positive feedback and encouragement.

13:30 Work independently

16:00 Tea and chat over progress during the day. What worked well, what caused problems - maybe others can offer helpful suggestions.

16:30 Close

NOTE: For those of you who are able to, it works best if you take photos of your work, plans and inspiration objects/pictures, and have these available in a photo viewer app (or powerpoint) so that you can talk about them. You can share a photo viewer app in the Zoom call. I know this works on a PC/Laptop. Not sure about tablets/phones. Don't worry if you can't do this - holding things up in front of the camera works too - it's just harder for others to see.

I've limited places to 7 people so that we have enough time to discuss our work - but still leaving plenty of time for actual creative work, rather than talk!

Past events (51)

Discussion - Art of America

Westbury on Trym

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